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How Surge Protection is Beneficial to the Home

Protecting a home’s electrical system from damage caused by lightning or storms is a smart step to take. This is especially true for areas where the storm season is on its way. One of the most effective ways to ensure this high level of protection is by investing in whole house surge protection.

Most people do not realize that lightning is not the only thing that may cause damage to their home’s electrical system. In fact, power surges can occur at any time, and they can have devastating effects. A complete outage can occur virtually anywhere in the home and, usually, it happens so quickly that homeowners do not even notice it.

According to statistics, on average, a typical home will experience several small power surges over the course of the day. However, even these smaller surges can result in detrimental effects on the electrical system and all the electronics connected to it.

The Reason Power Surges Occur

A power surge can originate from several places outside of the home during overvoltages on the utility lines or power grid switching. They may also originate inside the home and take place when larger appliances are turned off or on.

More significant power surges may come from things like downed power lines or lightning, but these are much less common than the smaller power surges mentioned above that are occurring throughout the day, every day. When larger power surges occur, the damage they cause is significant and, usually, extensive repair services are necessary.

As time passes, the frequent and small power surges can cause wear and tear on the home’s electrical system. These power surges can also reduce the lifespan of expensive electronics. Some faster electrical overvoltages or transients are short, but they can still cause a lot of damage. Some examples of these are explained below.

Protecting the Home’s Electrical System and Electronics

The absolute best defense against any type of power surge is investing in the electrical contractor coming and installing whole-house surge protection. Today’s surge protectors are designed to halt power surges using metal oxide varistors. These are typically connected to the primary electric service box but are also found in a more convenient location to ensure easy accessibility.

The installation of individual surge protectors found at the point of use is much better than no protection. However, they are unlikely to have the ability to halt larger electrical surges from outside sources, such as lightning or higher energy surges. To ensure total protection, it is necessary to call a professional electrician to install whole-house surge protection.

Protecting a Home from Electrical Damage Caused by Lightning Strikes

There are a few steps a homeowner can take when they are trying to protect their home from the potentially devastating effects of lightning strikes. The first step is to turn off all the power to the water well pump at the breaker box. This should be done during any severe storm. If the pump is damaged, it could result in everyone in the house not having any access to water.

It is also smart to ensure all the electronics in the home are plugged into quality surge protectors. Be sure that the surge protectors purchased offer the right level of protection. It may also be a good idea to think about investing in a generator. If a power outage occurs, generators are particularly important for individuals who use medical equipment at home.

Why Invest in Whole-House Surge Protection?

Today, there are numerous options when it comes to whole-house surge protection. These options provide for a home’s various voltage needs. Each home requires a different voltage service, and this is all dependent on how and when they were constructed. Standard homes should never have a surge of over 10kA; however, there are surge protection options that will provide protection against surges that are this size or bigger. When shopping around for surge protection, it is important to get to know the various brands that are available along with the types of warranties they provide. Call today to discuss further the best protection for you and your home. 

Protection for the Home’s Whole Electrical System 

The purpose of whole-house surge protectors is to help prevent the electronics and appliances in the home from being damaged. However, a surge protector will also protect the entire electrical system in the home.

If a powerful surge comes into a home appliance circuit, the whole-house surge protection will catch the surge, sending it back through the electrical panel. At this point, it is stopped, and all the electrical equipment in the home is protected. With a whole-house surge protector in place, every outlet in the home is fully protected.

Why Layering Is Essential

It is a good idea to speak to professionals about how to layer a house with whole-house surge protection. This is especially true for elaborate electronic setups, including gaming or entertainment systems.

If there is an appliance in the home that sends a surge through the circuit that it shares with other devices, some of the other outlets may quickly and easily be damaged or compromised. This is one of the top reasons it is so important to not just rely on point-of-use surge protectors. The layered system will be connected right to the home’s electrical panel, and it will protect everything, not just a single circuit.

The Majority of Power Surges Occur Internally 

The majority of power surges that occur today are very short, and they are generated by one of the appliances in the home. These are small and transient surges that are not going to cause devastating damage. However, as they continue to happen, they can reduce the lifespan of expensive appliances and electronics.

When it comes to surge protection, homeowners have options. In most cases, though, the best way to ensure full and complete protection is by investing in whole-house surge protection. Keep the benefits and information here in mind to see what this offers and why it is such a smart way to protect a home and all the expensive electronics and appliances inside.