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Chad Myers

Lead Installer/HVAC tech

Chad has been bringing comfort to our customer’s homes as a member of our HVAC install team since 2019. In addition to learning the trade through on-the-job experience, he is also EPA certified through Ultimate Tech.  He chose to go into HVAC because he loves the technical challenge of building equipment and systems.

Chad likes to tinker in his free time too. He enjoys working on drift cars and has even built a few from scratch. When he isn’t building things, Chad can be found spending time with his fiance and hanging out outdoors. He loves to camp, surf, and go paintballing. Two fun facts about Chad are that he is a video game developer as well as a Navy veteran who completed 2 tours in Afganistan.

His favorite part about working for Accurate is the people he gets to work with and work for. He loves working on such a close-knit team and takes pride in seeing his customers smile when a job is completed.