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10 Most Common HVAC Problems Homeowners May Experience

Pasadena Homeowners want their HVAC system to work when they turn it on. If it doesn’t, they become frustrated and want to know why. A trained service technician becomes invaluable at this time. What might be wrong with the system?

Failure to Maintain the System

Homeowners must maintain the system and have it regularly serviced by a licensed technician to ensure the system remains in working order. In fact, homeowners find they can avoid the need for most repairs by having the system inspected and tuned up by a professional a minimum of once a year. A lack of HVAC maintenance usually leads to higher energy bills, an underperforming system, frustration on the part of the owner, and costly repairs. Contact Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air today to schedule an HVAC service.

Thermostat Breakdown

A thermostat is a crucial component in any HVAC system. These thermostats range from the very basic to the Wi-Fi-enabled unit the owner can control using a smartphone or another device. At times, when the heating or cooling system doesn’t work as expected, the problem lies in this device. An occupant in the home may have changed the settings and failed to alert others living in the house, the batteries may need replacement, or the problem may lie elsewhere. If changing the batteries and checking the settings doesn’t fix the problem, call for an HVAC service. 

Dirty Coils

When a system doesn’t heat or cool as it should, a failure to maintain it is often the problem. When dirt and debris clog the coils in the system, they negatively impact efficiency and increase wear and tear on the system. Shut off the power to the outdoor unit and hose off the coil to remove this dirt and debris. If the indoor evaporator coil is dirty, a trained service technician must clean it to prevent damage to the system. A failure to change the system filters regularly often leads to the need to clean this coil.

Clogged Filters

Changing the filters in an HVAC system serves as the easiest way to prevent system breakdowns and costly repairs. A clogged or dirty filter restricts normal airflow within the system, which leads to a loss of efficiency. The system must work harder to heat or cool the home, and the additional stress put on the unit when it does shortens the lifespan of the system. In addition, the occupants of the home find it difficult to be comfortable when the system doesn’t work as intended. When the technician comes to carry out HVAC services, ask how often this task needs to be completed, as it differs by the home. 

Wear and Tear

HVAC systems contain many mechanical components. These components undergo wear and tear every time the owner uses the system. Belts and bearings may fail and lead to the system overheating or heating inadequately. The homeowner might notice a decrease in airflow or inconsistent heating and cooling. During regular maintenance visits, the technician inspects the system for failing bearings and motors along with worn and stretched belts to address any issues before they lead to a system breakdown. 

Strange Noises

Every furnace makes noise during operation. However, homeowners need to pay attention to these noises to know when they hear a new one. For instance, any whining or squealing from the unit could suggest a blower motor or inducer motor bearing is failing. Take action right away to prevent a system failure. In some cases, a new HVAC installation will be required, but that is not always the case. Any new or unusual noise calls for a visit from a licensed HVAC tech to determine where the problem lies and the best solution. 

Water Leaks

Drain pipes function to remove condensate from HVAC units. If a pipe becomes clogged or cracked, the unit will leak water. Call us. We’ll be happy to help figure out where the water is coming from and why. 

Power Supply Interruption

If the HVAC system trips a breaker or blows a fuse, the owner needs to learn why it did so. Often, the filter needs to be changed, as it is dirty and causes the system to work harder than it should. If changing the filter does not resolve the issue and the breaker trips or the fuse blows again, call for a service visit. It might be the problem lies in the breaker or fuse box rather than the heating system. 

Blower Runs Continuously

A furnace blower may run nonstop for several reasons. See if the fan switch is in the “on” position, as that will cause the motor to run continuously. Someone in the household could have accidentally switched this setting. 

The fan relay might also be sticking. When it does, the blower runs nonstop. Furthermore, a furnace has several safety features that may lead to the circuit board activating the fan to cool the unit down if it overheats. 

Ignition Issues

Any ignition problem within a heating unit can lead to the appliance malfunctioning. If the pilot, burner, or flame sensor is dirty, the unit might short cycle, the pilot could go out or the burners may take longer to ignite. A furnace lockout becomes a concern when the unit has an ignition problem, as well. At times, a gas supply problem leads to the ignition issue, or it could be wear and tear that is leading to the malfunction. Hot surface ignitors and thermocouples are two components that frequently wear out, but they aren’t the only ones. A trained HVAC technician can determine where the problem lies and how best to fix it. 

If the HVAC system malfunctions, don’t stress. Call us and we’ll send a technician out to help figure out the problem and the best solution to get the system up and running again. We are here to help. 

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