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Dryer Vent Fire | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air

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It’s a small price to pay to ensure your home and family are safe.

Read more about dryer vent hazards below.

More About Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer is one of the most important appliances in your life. Your dryer is also one of the most neglected appliances when it comes to home maintenance. While your dryer makes life easier, it can also pose a serious risk if you don’t pay attention to its upkeep.

The NFPA reports thousands of dryer and washing machine fires every year. While these fires cost homeowners millions of dollars in property damage, 92% of these fires are caused by clothes dryers and ⅓ of that from failure to keep dryer vents clean.

Dryer Fire | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air

Dryer vent cleaning goes beyond emptying your lint trap, which you should do every time you dry a batch of clothes. Dryer vent cleaning is when you clean the transition duct, ventilation pipe and exterior vent that all work together as an exhaust system to empty debris materials from drying your clean clothes. Your dryer vents and ducts should be cleaned at least once a year. Your dryer vent collects lint and accumulates a lot of excess flammable material from your clothes. If your dryer system’s airflow becomes blocked, it could potentially cause a fire.

Keep Your Family Safe: Why You Should Have Your Dryer Ducts Cleaned

Fire Risk
When your clothes dry, little bits of fabric fibers and dirt break off from the garments and are released as the water evaporates. These bits of fabric form lint, which can build up inside the dryer vent. Lint is incredibly flammable and the more build up inside your dryer ducts, the more of a risk you have for igniting a fire.

Air Quality
Dryer vent cleaning can prevent the possibility of unwanted moisture being released back into your home. Wet clothes, even if they’re clean and smell like lavender, can cause mold to grow inside your walls. Mold exposure within your home can lead to certain types of health issues including cancer and severe respiratory problems. If your vent is clogged then you also risk having certain dust particles released back into your house that could affect children’s allergies and your family’s breathing environment.

Carbon Monoxide
If your dryer’s transition duct or ventilation pipe is swollen up by lint or the exterior vent is blocked, you run the risk of having dangerous gases released back into your house. Carbon Monoxide is produced by gas burning motors and if you have a gas-powered dryer you have to be careful and remember to utilize a dryer vent cleaning service.

Prolonging Dryer Longevity
You don’t want to spend money on a new dryer when yours works perfectly fine. Maintaining your dryer system is how you prolong your dryer’s life. If your vent is clogged by lint or debris build-up, your dryer will have to work three times as hard as it normally should to dry your clothes. Not only will this increase your energy cost, but this will be a knockout punch to the easy life. If your dryer goes down and you don’t want to pay for a new one, you better have a few clothespins and some string lying around.

Utility Bills
So this may not be a safety concern for the family but think about that extra cash and what you could spend it on instead of over-compensating for the lint blockage. If your dryer is running harder and more often than it has to just to get your socks fluffy then your family may be paying more money than they need to for drying socks.

The Warning Signs

  • A stinky odor in your clothes after drying.
  • Soggy clothes still damp when your drying cycle has finished.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a dryer vent cleaning.
  • Drying time feels like waiting for Dial-Up Internet access – if it’s taking longer than what should be normal.
  • If your clothing feels hot enough to cook eggs on them.
  • Your laundry room resembles the aftermath of a hot shower – excess heat with moisture in the air.
  • An abnormal amount of lint is being collected in your lint trap.

Professionals Only

Dryer vent cleaning isn’t as easy as emptying your lint trap. Dryer vents come in all different shapes, sizes, and model systems. If you try to casually DIY your dryer vent and you don’t put it back together correctly or miss a detail, you could put yourself at risk and possibly damage your dryer system even more. Don’t forget this is an exhaust system and if the air leaks back into your house or goes where it is not supposed to, there could be extreme health and safety hazards. Accurate has convenient locations in all of Los Angeles County and Orange County when it comes to dryer vent cleaning services. Each dryer system in a home has a unique setup. Accurate technicians do this for a living and they are fully equipped to repair any kind of dryer system.

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