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How to Check If Your Home’s AC is Really New

When purchasing a new home, often a big selling point is a brand new A/C system. Unfortunately, these advertisements are not always truthful and you could be stuck with replacement costs much sooner than you anticipated. Here are a couple ways to help you determine if an A/C unit is in fact new.

Video Transcript

Hey guys today we’re gonna be talking about situations that we come across in the field. It’s unfortunate people are spending a lot of money purchasing a new home, and an advertised piece of that new home purchase was they got new a/c equipment and so just here recently we ran across two customers that knowingly went in and purchase flipped homes. The insides of these houses they were done up nice. One of the things that stood out to them was they were not going to be the ones that had to replace the a/c units. They were already replaced in both cases, so they were kind of taken advantage of. So we just want to point out a couple things that you can look for, some easily noticeable telltale signs whether or not the whole system was replaced.

So this box right here is the condenser and it’s connected to your inside units with a couple copper lines, and we also have power coming out here to it. So I’m just going to go over this stuff real quick on both the systems that we came across these lines right here these copper lines were not replaced. Which is very unfortunate in both cases they were undersized for the new equipment that was installed but to the homeowner all they see is a new box in one year later their systems stopped working so when we got out there we noticed the line sets were undersized and had never been replaced. So if you see, on a new AC system that you’re purchasing in the house and you’re thinking all the components were replaced. Old frayed insulation on the outside of these conduits on these copper lines, chances are that was never replaced, because when we were placed on this stuff all we get new line sets and it’s new and shiny.

Another thing we want to take a look at is these boxes right behind me. These are the disconnect boxes and these are new ones you can tell, they’re probably as new as the unit but in both cases on the units that we got out to these disconnect boxes weren’t replaced and they were in horrible shape. So just walking up to the units just to recap you guys can easily see if the the age of this stuff kind of matches the age of what you have here. The same thing with the disconnect box up there on the wall if you notice that they’re really old you might question the authenticity that these systems were installed correct and the job was permitted.

So I would encourage you to look in the permits when purchasing a home to make sure that the things that are advertised and that you’re buying were inspected and installed correctly. Thank you.