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6 DIY Tips for Sealing Your Home From Drafts

Air leaks and drafts are a common problem in all homes, no matter how old or new they are. An air draft occurs where there are gaps in construction, typically around doors, windows, and pipes: anywhere an opening is left unsealed to the outdoors. No matter how light or severe a draft is, it can leave your home feeling less than comfortable and increase energy costs over time.

Fortunately, there are easy DIY solutions to fixing these cracks and sealing your home from drafts. Here are 6 simple ways you can better insulate your home this winter:

  1. Install Weatherstripping – Weatherstrips are an easy and inexpensive way to help seal air leaks in windows and doors. They are available to purchase at any Lowe’s or Home Depot and easy to follow videos are readily available online.
  2. Replace Door Sweeps – Updating your door sweeps can make a big difference in not only preventing drafts but also preventing little critters from entering your home. These are also inexpensive, readily available at any hardware store, and easy to install yourself.
  3. Use a Window Insulator Kit – This easy to set up kit helps with drafty windows. The kits come with a clear insulating plastic film with double-sided tape around the edges to seal it over any drafty window.
  4. Hang Insulated Curtains – Insulated curtains are a great way to retain heat in the winter. Replacing your curtains with thermal curtains can help keep your house warm. The only drawback is that they are most effective when completely closed. So this might not be a solution for you if you prefer natural light.
  5. Make a Door Snake – Door snakes are weighted tubes of fabric that are available pre-made to purchase but are also easy to make yourself. When placed at the bottom of a door or window, they help keep drafts out. You can also use a rolled-up towel or blanket in a pinch.
  6. Re-Caulk Windows and Doors – Caulking wears out over time and peel away or degrade completely if left unattended. Re-caulking worn out spots around the exterior of your windows and doors is fairly simple and a great way to seal out pesky drafts.

Nobody likes a drafty home. However, cold drafts and loss of heat will be a problem of the past with any of these 6 DIY tips for sealing your home from drafts. You’ll be able to save money with these cost-effective fixes and keep your home warm for the winter.