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6 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is nearly here, and the changing of the season means that your home will most likely be subject to increased temperatures, interchangeably dry and humid air, various allergens, electrical hazards, and possibly insects and pests. To fight these seasonal issues and keep their homes cool, functioning, and safe without energy bills breaking the bank, homeowners should consider performing some summer maintenance on their electrical systems, appliances, plumbing, and home fixtures.

Below are six home maintenance tips that we at Accurate highly recommend you do before the heat sets in.

Install and Inspect Outdoor Lighting Correctly

Summer is the best time to break out the grill, lawn furniture, and the string lights and put your other exterior lighting fixtures to the test. Family and friends gathering under the summer night’s sky is a badge of the season, and you want to make sure that you can light up the yard without spending an arm and a leg on installation or repair costs. We encourage you to have Accurate professionals install your exterior lights safely and service them annually. If you already have lights, you should inspect the wires and outlets for any frays or loose-fitting plugs and call in Accurate technicians who can ensure that your exterior lighting is set up right and looking great for those warm summer nights!

Change/Clean Air Conditioning Filters

As your trusted AC installation contractors in Los Angeles County, CA, we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend some air conditioning maintenance. Hot weather calls for air conditioners to work overtime at full power, and, if your AC filter is dirty, the efficiency of the unit drops while your energy bill soars. The cold air struggles to move through the clogged filter, forcing the AC unit to work harder and use more energy.

If your filter is washable, remove the filter, soak in warm, soapy water, and let it air dry before replacing the filter into the unit. If it’s a disposable filter you have two options: you could buy a new filter and dispose of the old one, or you could vacuum the filter, rinse it with running water before air drying it and putting it back in the AC unit. If the disposable filter is too dirty or too worn-down, the first option is best.    

Check Pipes for Leaks/Cracks Inside & Outside

Your plumbing is the next thing to tick off your maintenance list. Check your interior pipes and appliances (dishwasher, dehumidifier, toilet, refrigerator, etc.) for cracks and leaks. Next, head outside and check exterior faucets and hoses for leaks. For hoses, wrap electrical tape around pinhole leaks while the hose is dry. If you need assistance fixing or replacing pipes and hoses, call our expert plumbers!

De-clog Bathroom Drains

Clogged drains are the worst. They can smell awful, negatively affect the water pressure, and cause unpleasant showers (amongst other issues), so getting rid of clogs the right way will guarantee happier homeowners and guests. Just remove the drain assembly and snake out any blockages. Then, pour some bleach down the drain, wait 10-15 minutes, and flush it out with warm water to remove mildew, mold, and loosen any debris you may have missed initially.

Clean Clothes Dryer Vent Pipe

Lint that accumulates in the vent pipe of clothes dryers cause over 15,000 preventable fires every year, frequently causing severe, and sometimes fatal, injuries and irreparable damage to homes and valuables. Instead of allowing such a disaster to happen, you should remove the dryer hose and outside vent pipe cover and vacuum and brush out lint and debris. This maintenance tip is especially important in the summer when the weather can be hot and dry!

Inspect Attic & Basement

Basements and attics rarely get the love and attention they deserve, and summer is the best time to show your appreciation for these neglected areas! Look for water leaks, insulation issues, mold, mildew, and signs of insects and other pests in both areas of the home. Fix any issues you can, and call in the experts for any additional assistance you may need.

We at Accurate, the leading provider of AC installation services in Los Angeles County, CA, hope the advice we provided comes in handy as the season begins to change! For more information about prepping your home for the summer, don’t hesitate to contact us today!