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Air Conditioning Vs. QuietCool

 This is the ultimate matchup for cooling comfort in your home.  Do you run the air conditioner constantly eating an oversized power bill, or do you flip on the QuietCool fan and take advantage of a low-costing energy-efficient system? Does running the air conditioning win the day, or will the QuietCool surprise everyone jumping from the top ropes, double-suplexing the competition and win the crowd?  Two titans of home technology built to make your life more comfortable and you have choices. 

Saying that an Air Conditioner and QuietCool Fans are similar when comparing an Android and iPhone would be incorrect.  In fact each system actually works completely different and while the results are excellent in both cases, the variables from the outdoors have a crucial impact.  

How they work:

Your air conditioning system keeps your house from sweltering by using a compressor, specialized fan and a ventilation system.  When functioning properly, cool air is distributed throughout your home regularly to maintain the preferred temperature. An air conditioner is a work of art to any technician.  Air conditioners keep people alive, keep families cool, and offer what much of history lacked before the twentieth century – healthy and comfortable accommodations.  

QuietCool Fans operate by replacing your inside air with the outdoor air.  Whenever the outside temperature is cooler, you open your windows and turn on the QuietCool fan which pulls air into your attic, while simultaneously pushing the hot stale air outside. Usually, the whole house fan is installed within the attic of your home or ceiling area above your living space. QuietCool fans don’t use compression or freon or any other type of chemical.  QuietCool is a natural process that essentially shifts air to fit your comfort. 

So put air conditioning and QuietCool in a wrestling ring and let these two processes bash it out.  Which do you think would walk away with a championship belt? Here’s the first part of that answer:


 Air conditioning can definitely cool your home, but in actuality, it doesn’t always cool every part of your house.  If you have multiple levels to your home, or your property stretches out narrowly, your air conditioner may have to work harder to create all the cool air in order to keep everyone comfortable. 

QuietCool exchanges air every 3-4 minutes by taking in the cooler air outside.  A QuietCool fan can literally cool your home 20 degrees less by circulating cooler air and pushing out all that stale hot air that’s been sitting around all day.  If outside temperatures are not too extreme QuietCool can cool a house even better than an air conditioner.

Air Quality

 Air conditioning can make a house cooler and is very dependable.  However, if your ductwork hasn’t been clean or your vents have built-up dust, this can cause the circulation of pollutants.  Air quality is in a sealed environment and can expose you to indoor air pollution.

QuietCool Fans pull air from the outside, so typically the air quality is healthier from a QuietCool fan.  However, this also depends on the outside environment where you live. If you reside in a highly polluted area, you actually may be causing yourself more harm by bringing in the outside air.  Obviously, if you live in the mountains or away from the big city, you probably have cleaner air outside so QuietCool can do wonders for your health. Again it depends on your allergies or the time of year with pollens and vegetation blooming. 


QuietCool fans run for a fraction of the cost from the amount of energy an air conditioning system uses.  You know how Los Angeles County and Orange County feel in August. And we all account for our power bill to go up in the summer because we run the air conditioner constantly.  QuietCool fans run use about 90% less energy than air conditioners.  

Still, for humid areas or warmer evening temperatures, the air conditioner can be counted on as a comfort provider.  So while the energy savings is there with a QuietCool fan, it’s not always the best scenario.  


During summer months, depending on the size of your property, air conditioning can cause your power bill to increase almost $300 more.  QuietCool fans can run in your house 24/7 for pennies.  


Some air conditioning systems can create noise either by their fans or internal mechanical parts. QuietCool fans are virtually silent.  Some homeowners do find the noise from an air conditioner comforting, plus you know that it’s on and running! QuietCool fans are like new cars with electric starts that barely even hum.


You may be thinking QuietCool fans are the stronger choice over air conditioning systems.  While this is partially true in some cases, the real truth of the matter is that together as a team, QuietCool Fans and a solid air conditioning system can do wonders for both your interior comfort and your wallet. 

You can interchange the two and use them according to the weather, the time of year and the environment you live in.  For instance, utilizing the fresh air that QuietCool Fans provide by pulling outside air can help clean what’s circulated during those hot days you want to use the air conditioner.  When the heat lets up outside, you can utilize the QuietCool fans to help bring down that uncomfortable temperature when it is in reach.  

QuietCool Fans can alleviate the hot air within your house and you can top off the temperature if need be with a few blasts from the air conditioner.  Now that Smart Home technology allows you to monitor how much energy you are using, keeping track of your power usage has never been easier. If you find you think you’ve been running the AC too long, you can switch it up by turning on the QuietCool fans.  The combination is a bonafide sure way to keep your energy bills down and keeping your home nothing less than exceptionally pleasing.