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Servicing Altadena, CA | Accurate Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air

Accurate is the right place for all your Altadena home needs! We are the local expert Altadena plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians!

No matter what you need completed, we’ll get the job done right – the first time and on a schedule you can be happy about! All our technicians are licensed and trained, background checked, and drug tested. We specialize in residential service, installation, and repair.

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Local Reviews for Altadena, CA

Altadena Reviews | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air

Altadena 5-Star Review | Accurate

   “The Best Service”

“Had a great experience with this company providing AC repair. The service was very prompt (within 3 hrs) on a weekend… The technician was very knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. Highly recommend this company.” —Bradley | Altadena, CA

Altadena 5-Star Review | Accurate

   “When no one else would show up, this Company did!”

“It was a very busy day but they found someone to visit anyway. Cory Davis assessed the problem, ordered the parts and returned the following business day to sucessfully complete the job. He was competent, neat and pleasant. A job well done.” —Ross | Altadena, CA

Electrical Services in Altadena

Altadena Electricians | AccurateWe are your Altadena electrician and are able to support you with your electrical needs. Do you need an electricial wiring or rewiring? Panel change-outs, EV chargining stations, or indoor/outdoor lighting installed? We do it all!

If it’s electrical and in Altadena, we can help!

  • Electrical Wiring and Rewiring
  • Electrical Panel Change Outs
  • Lighting
  • EV Charging Station
  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • New Receptacle Installation
  • Surge Protection
  • Switches, Outlets & Dimmers

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Plumbing Services in Altadena

Altadena Plumbers | AccurateWe are proud to be your Altadena plumber and support all of your plumbing needs. We do repiping, drain cleaning, water heater repair, sewer blockage removal, and more! We are here to serve you!

If it’s plumbing and in Altadena, we can help!

  • Re-piping
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Sewer blockages
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair
  • Pipe and Fixture Replacement
  • Remodeling
  • Leak Repair

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Heating Services in Altadena

Altadena Heating Specialists | AccurateAs your Altadena heating specialist, we can support you with all of your heating needs. This includes heating system installation, heating repairs, zoned HVAC systems, and gas piping. We do it all!

If it’s heating and in Altadena, we can help!

  • Heating System Installation
  • Heating System Repair
  • Heating System Maintenance
  • Ductwork Repair and Service
  • Zoned HVAC Systems
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Furnace Selection
  • Boilers/Radiant Heaters

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Air Conditioning Services in Altadena

Altadena Air Conditioning Specialists | AccurateYour Altadena air conditioning specialist loves to service all of your cooling needs. Do you happen to need an air conditioning installation? We cover it. Would you like air conditioning repairs, ductwork, or a whole house fan? We do it all!

If it’s air conditioning and in Altadena, we can help!

  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Ductwork Repair and Service
  • Whole House Fans
  • Air Conditioning Components
  • Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Equipment

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Handling Your Repair Needs 

While customers call us for installation services, maintenance, and tune-ups, repairs make up a large part of the work we do each day. Whether you need help with your electrical system, your plumbing, or your HVAC unit, call Accurate. We will send someone out to help you resolve the problem you are experiencing.


Electrical Repairs

 Older homes remain at high risk of electrical problems. If your home is 40 years of age or older, call us to schedule an inspection. This is only one of several electrical services we offer, but it remains one of the most important.


 Faulty and deteriorating wiring are two concerns with older homes, and the entire electrical system may be at risk of failing. Our electrician will inspect the entire system to detect any problems early.


You will appreciate their thoroughness, as problems caught early typically cost less to repair. We are here to help in any way we can. If the problems go undetected, the risk of an electrical fire increases, so this is one inspection you should never put off.


Nevertheless, newer homes often benefit from an electrical system inspection. Events in nature can harm this system, and you must also consider the electronic devices you use.

They may put an excessive load on your electrical system, which can lead to problems. During our inspection, we ask about your energy usage and determine whether changes should be made to reduce the need for electrical repairs in the future.


 Plumbing Repairs

Another area of concern in a home is the plumbing system. As with the electrical system, most components of the plumbing system remain hidden behind walls, under floors, or in the crawl space. This makes it harder for you to detect problems at an early stage.


What you must realize is any delay in finding a plumbing problem could mean more water damage to the home. A small leak can cause a significant amount of damage before you discover it. If you do not have this plumbing repair completed in a timely manner, the home may sustain tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in a short time. When our plumber visits your home, they examine every component of the system, using special tools to ensure they miss nothing.


In the event a repair will not resolve the problem within the plumbing system, we can make recommendations on replacement units. For instance, you may choose to upgrade to a tankless water heater, so you always have hot water on demand.


Our technicians are familiar with all products we offer, so they can share the benefits and drawbacks of the various options. However, they will never recommend you replace a system when a repair will suffice. If they believe it will benefit you to replace a functioning system, they will explain why they are making this recommendation. Maybe a newer unit is more energy efficient and they wish to help you save on energy bills each month. If you have concerns about why they are recommending something, ask. They will explain their reasoning in terms you can understand.

HVAC Repairs

Nobody wants to learn that their HVAC system needs repair. If your system is acting up, call us right away, so we can come out and make repairs before the system stops working completely. Doing so will not only ensure you remain comfortable in your home, but it will also help to keep the cost of the repairs down. 


AC maintenance and tune-ups are of help in reducing the need for repairs, but the system might still malfunction. We are here to help. Members of our Accurate Advantage program can call anytime, day or night, and we will send someone out to help. We recognize how important it is to be comfortable in your home, and ensure you are.


In certain situations, it makes more sense to invest in heater installation rather than repairing the existing unit. For example, if the cost of the repair exceeds 40 percent of the cost of a new unit, you may wish to go with a replacement. Fixing a unit that may break down again soon doesn’t make financial sense.


Discuss this with our HVAC contractor when they visit your home. They will happily help you determine which option is best in the long run. We want you to be satisfied with the work we do, which is why we never recommend a replacement unless it is necessary or will be in your best interests.

Why call Accurate for your Altadena Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air Needs?


At Accurate, we strive to provide you with 5-star service every time you call on our company. We are family-owned and desire for that to reflect in our approach to serving you: we treat your home as if it were our own home and all work comes with the Accurate Promise. Our technicians are well-trained to get the job done right the first time which gives our customers an experience that is smooth and easy:

  1. Real people answer your call – Your call is important
  2. Work scheduled at your convenience – On-time arrival with a reminder call 30-minutes prior to technician arriving
  3. Experienced Technicians – State-certified and licensed experts, professional workmanship provided, and trained in the latest technologies
  4. Through clean-up – Spotless red carpet services with shoe covers and a clean-up that looks like we were never there
  5. Accurate Promise – “If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right or you don’t pay!”

Having experienced technicians in Altadena for electric, plumbing, heating and air allows you to rely on just one company for all your home service needs – especially for the big jobs.

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