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Benefits of an Energy Efficient HVAC System

Benefits of an Energy Efficient HVAC System?

Isn’t the whole point of advanced technology to elevate our style of living? Think about how easy things have really become. These days you can pretend you’re a genie and make a light come on with the clap of your hands. You can ask a household virtual assistant device to give you the weather report or host a living room trivia game.

So why wouldn’t you and your home want to benefit from an energy efficient HVAC system? With the rising costs of renting and owning in Los Angeles County and Orange County, investing in an energy efficient HVAC system is an intelligent and game-changing decision that has many benefits. You can ask your virtual assistant why having an energy efficient HVAC system is beneficial and here’s what it will probably tell you (not a trivia question):

Air Flow – Comfort

Just like sitting in a chair too long can make you stiff, stale air can make a house feel cramped and create dust build-up, not to mention other health concerns. With an energy efficient HVAC system, variable speed motors allow your fans to run the whole year using low energy. These systems keep consistent temperatures in various rooms of your home and with better airflow, the circulation of both your cool air and heating will continue without you seeing a hike in power bills. The better circulation you have the easier it is for this smart system to maintain your comfort.

Lower Energy Bills

One of the largest sources of energy guzzlers in homes is the HVAC system. Life is not how it used to be 30 years ago. We are fast moving people who like to be comfortable and enjoy a flexible lifestyle. Older HVAC systems are not so flexible and sometimes you spend a lot of money cooling your home because of the imbalance of airflow.

The same goes for heat. If your kitchen is comfortable and warm, but your bedroom is chilly, you spend more time heating your home just to get the air all the way to your bedroom. Energy efficient HVAC systems may need a little investment upfront but you are essentially setting yourself for the long run with cheap, cool/warm, fresh affordable air. The number one thing to remember is to get an HVAC system that fits your unique home design like a glove. Accurate can always help you find the right model to get you the most for your dollar.

Longer Lifespan

Energy efficient HVAC systems have been developed to perform at the highest level both through on and off cycles. Not only are you purchasing a brand new unit but you are setting your home up with a longer HVAC life span. Combined with new technology and ensuring you regularly have maintenance performed on your HVAC system, which is relatively inexpensive, you won’t have to worry about emergency breakdowns or faulty component failure. Los Angeles County and Orange County have contrasting degrees of temperatures between winter and summer so versatility within your HVAC system is what you will want and is what you will get with an energy efficient system.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

If you want to live “cleaner” and “greener” in Los Angeles then this is the way to go. It’s no secret under the rug that LA and surrounding areas have a high potency of air pollution. Not only are you investing in your health by purchasing an energy efficient HVAC system, but these systems use almost one-third of the normal fuel in most older systems. You are reducing your contribution to greenhouse gases and essentially helping build a better tomorrow for your children and grandchildren as well as a better today for yourself.

Climate Control

If you’ve heard the phrase ‘play god’, well inside your home you kind of get this opportunity by dictating the weather. Sure you can’t make fire and brimstone or part the seas using a digital thermostat, but you can easily control all the levels of air and temperatures in various rooms. Older thermostats always seem a little off if they are not functioning right. 68 degrees feels like 45 and 72 degrees feels like 85.

Accuracy becomes obtainable with energy efficient HVAC systems due to the ‘smart’ technology implemented into their design. These systems can be controlled by an app on your smartphone, so you can adjust your home’s temperature at work. By the time you walk in the door after a hectic day, you really will feel like a king or queen at the perfect temperature while saving money when you are away.

Home Value

Los Angeles County and Orange County will always be a desirable place to live for many people around the world due to the mild winters, accessible beaches, parks, and mountainous areas. Southern California has all the elements for perfect living. So why not invest in your home with an energy efficient HVAC system? Prospective renters and home buyers are always looking for an edge or some type of special amenity. Offering smart technology with a new HVAC system will only increase value and make your home more marketable if you consider selling or renting. With a new HVAC system, you won’t have to worry about lowering the price of your home on the market because of how much money your buyer will save in the long run with their power bills.

Accurate has incredible knowledge of all the latest energy efficient HVAC systems. Combined with our service experience in the HVAC world, we not only understand unique housing designs and what goes into making them comfortable, we can help you locate the perfect energy efficient HVAC system that works best for you. Call us with questions or send us a message here on our website. Let’s get the conversation started about living smarter.