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Breathe Better, Live Healthier- Clean Your Ducts

Being a homeowner is one of life’s greatest fulfillments. While owning a home is enjoyable, it’s also not an easy task. Taking care of your home can often feel like a full-time job, and like every job, there are certain details that need follow-up. Many people often forget or ignore servicing their ventilation system and air ducts. While every aspect of your home could be argued as important as the other, your air ducts directly affect the well-being and health of your family and even your pets. Here are 10 valuable reasons why clean air ducts are vitally important for your health and home.

If removing one of your air vent covers seems more like opening an ancient tomb, it’s definitely time to get that ductwork cleaned. Visual dust buildup and debris could contain many contaminants in them and you’ve been breathing this in for a while.

Your air ducts are the lungs of your home. If they’re clean you and your family breath easy. Years of neglecting to clean your ducts can have an immense effect on the quality of air accessible in your home. If you haven’t had a cleaning for years, you are probably not breathing healthy air and you are most likely spending more money than needed on energy.

Ductwork can sometimes end up being a creepy subway system for contaminants, pet hair, lingering mold from moisture, and occasionally unwelcome critters. When your air has to commute through this build up, you lose out on receiving quality air.

If you notice a spike in your monthly energy bills, but everything seems normal – your furnace could be working harder than it is supposed to. If your ducts are clogged or have debris buildup this could explain the power hike.

A bear is probably not living in your ductwork. You would definitely hear that at night. But if small animals have made a hideout inside your ducts you should get them cleaned immediately before multiple generations are established.

Dog lover or cat lover, dander is in the air. Pet hair and dander can build up in your ductwork and while you may not be allergic to your pets, their fur can build up in your vents collecting fungus and germs. This can trigger allergies and worse off it can affect family members with asthma. You will want to get your ducts cleaned if it’s been a long time since your last cleaning.

Outer space may be the final frontier, but there are also a lot of unexplained dust particles and allergens lurking in your ductwork. For that reason alone you should regularly have them cleaned.

Ductwork cleaning can make an incredible impact on the type of air quality you get when you sleep. If your family has asthmatic or sensitive lungs, you should consider regular ductwork cleaning.

Letting your ductwork go uncleaned and build up with debris is like giving your home a sinus infection. Don’t settle for dusty air when you could be living and breathing a lot healthier. Get your ducts cleaned and clear those airways!

During winter, animals deserve safe warm places too. But if you suspect rodents or small vermin living in your ducts you should get them cleaned immediately. Small animals can carry and spread harmful diseases and other outdoor bacteria that can infiltrate your air quality and put your health at risk. Just because you get your ducts cleaned does not mean any harm will come to these animals. There is a safe procedure to remove them from your ductworks and your family and home will be healthier for it.

Protecting your family against dirty air, diseases, fire risks and providing a good quality of life is important. There are many systems that make a home function efficiently so it can be your safe haven and a healthy place to live and grow. If you can’t remember the last time your air ducts were cleaned or if you are a recent home purchaser you should schedule an appointment with Accurate. Depending on which region of Los Angeles County and Orange County you live in, the weather and geography of your neighborhood can have different effects on your home and the type of air entering your ventilation system. Guard your family and benefit from having cleaner air inside your home. You deserve it and Accurate will help you get it.