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Choosing the right electrician

Choosing the Right Electrician | Accurate Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Air

No matter the type of home renovation project or specific electrical needs you have, choosing the right electrician makes all the difference in the world. Whether it’s wiring an outlet, a simple repair, electrical issues you are unsure about, or a home consultation to assess home safety; there are a few things you need to consider during your search. Your electrician doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist, a superhero, or an academically distinguished poindexter. You just need someone reliable that is extremely knowledgeable with regards to your specific issue and has the professional training and licensing needed to complete the work.

Electrician designations are the first thing you should consider during your search. Master Electricians are licensed by the state and have completed standardized testing confirming their work is in compliance with state laws. A master electrician would know the National Electric Code and has the legal right to design, install, and work on all electrical projects both commercially and domestically. Journeyman electricians have not passed the standardized testing required by the state so if they do complete work it must be under the supervision of a master electrician and/or their work must be checked by licensed building inspectors.

McGuyver had degrees in chemistry and physics but that didn’t mean he was licensed by the state of California to conduct electrical work in your home. He might be a creative mastermind when it comes to circuitry and could even get your garage door to open when you use your toaster but he’d still have to have his work checked by a city inspector. Always ask for a copy of your electrician’s license and do an online check if possible. Their current license is the surest way to know they’ve completed the necessary training and courses to properly conduct work in your home.

Sheldon Cooper was a theoretical physicist at Caltech and grew up with a genius-level IQ but that doesn’t mean he specialized in wiring your backyard lights or knew how to properly install an attic fan. Certain electricians have specialty skills for different kinds of electrical jobs and you want to make sure you choose the licensed professional with a well-referenced track record for the type of work you need completing.

One of the best ways to find an electrician is through word-of-mouth by simply talking to other homeowners, friends, or family or reading online reviews of other homeowners’ experiences. Another route is through a general contractor. They can be very helpful with reputable recommendations.

Once you’ve honed in on a licensed electrician, you’ll want to know what kind of guarantees they provide with their work. Obviously, they’ll have extensive knowledge about the project you want them to complete, but what happens beyond the job? You want guarantees on the longevity of the electrical work. Doc Brown built the time machine and invented the flux capacitor but what kind of a guarantee is he worth? Doc could install new GFCI receptacle outlets in your home but if they are faulty or break, by the time you call him for a follow-up he could already be back in 1955 trying to get your parents to fall in love. Make sure you know what you’re getting into with a reliable electrician that backs the work they do.

Besides reliability, you want an electrician who communicates to you with clarity on the work that’s being done. This is your home and you want to know exactly what’s happening even if you don’t have all the electrical knowledge. You’ll want to have a written estimate prepared by
the electrician so you can have a paper trail on exactly what’s being worked on.
One of the worst things can be if you have a professional that doesn’t communicate or if you get a regular Tony Stark on your hands. You’d like to assume Stark will do a fantastic job given his knowledge, but with an ego like that, you have no idea what kind of work he’s doing.

The best method of getting a truly specialized, professional electrician that’s properly licensed to complete the work you need is to check references and review their qualifications. At Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air, our electricians have the skill, tools, and experience necessary to resolve any and every kind of electrical issue. We have licensed professionals who can quickly identify the problem and fix it both quickly and efficiently. A large team allows us to assign the best electrician for each specific job. Our track record (reviews) speaks for itself and we focus on providing you with the best service and highest quality work. And don’t forget the Accurate Promise, “If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right or you don’t pay!”

If you need to hire a professionally licensed Glendora electrician for repair or service call Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air today!