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5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Since many homeowners rarely see the inside of their air ducts, they tend to be unaware of the filth and dirt that lurks inside. Out of sight, out of mind – right? Wrong!

“Aren’t my air ducts sealed?” “That means they can’t become too dirty?” If you’ve asked yourself questions like those before, it’s safe to say you need air duct cleaning services. One way to get a basic gauge on the cleanliness of your ductwork is by simply opening up the vent or register, and shining a flashlight inside.

If there is a ton of dust and debris accumulation, calling a professional is the best course of action. Also, while it’s certainly possible to get a general idea of how clean the air ducts are in your home, you’ll get the most comprehensive check and cleaning services for your Los Angeles County home when you choose the heating repair contractors at Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Our team of reliable technicians will thoroughly assess your ductwork and devise a plan to efficiently clean and improve the ducts. There are many indicators that signify whether air duct cleaning is necessary, so contact our professional technicians if you notice any of the following signs.

  • Wet Or Moldy Areas in the Duct System

Mold in your air ducts is one telltale sign that you are due for professional duct cleaning services. Even if you only suspect there “might” be mold in certain areas of your duct system, you should call a technician to confirm the problem, and he or she will be able to provide a solution.

  • Excessive Dust and Debris Buildup

If air ducts are clogged with excessive dust and debris buildup, you’ll begin to notice that particles get released into your home through supply registers. The professional technicians from Accurate are able to seal your air ducts for optimal air quality and better energy savings.

  • Pest or Vermin Problems

Unwanted pests can enter homes through the tiniest cracks and gaps. While it’s not completely possible to rid your home of pest problems entirely, professional duct cleaning services can significantly reduce the severity of pest problems. Learn more about how we can do this when you speak with a professional from Accurate!

  • Blocked Ducts

When checking for ductwork obstructions, the easiest things to look for are items that may have collapsed a portion of the ductwork (perhaps falling insulation or a misplaced beam.) These obstructions will cause reduced airflow to the corresponding vents. Also, blocked ducts can be caused by poor craftsmanship during installation or simply deterioration because of age.

  • Respiratory Problems When HVAC is Running

When the HVAC system in your home turns on, do you begin to cough, sneeze, or suffer from other unexplained respiratory issues? Professional air duct cleaning services can help make breathing easier. Don’t allow dirt and pollutants to continue circulating through the air in your home—book air duct cleaning today.

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If you’ve noticed mold, pests, or excessive dust, there is a good possibility that there are other underlying issues. At Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we will make sure to correct any problems before doing the necessary cleaning.

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