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Electrical Repair


If you are looking for a dependable electrical repair company in Los Angeles County or Orange County, Accurate is your go-to electrical service company for your home, or residential rental property.  We are a family-run company that focuses on customer satisfaction by providing detail-oriented work with a polite and friendly presence.  Our professionally licensed electricians are available for any questions and they will provide you with the correct answers guaranteeing that our high-quality services will reconcile any damage or faulty wiring need.  Accurate’s electrical repair services include the widest scope of work across Los Angeles County and Orange County offering all types of services including repairs, installations, electrical system enhancements, and rewiring services.


Our electricians’ acumen is second to none with extensive knowledge for all types unexpected scenarios and electrical needs. Accurate is a leader because we are problem solvers and we possess the tools and knowledge to correct any issue while making your safety our number one priority. If your home or business has water damage and your electrical system, wiring, or panel box may be affected, our electricians will take immediate action to ensure the safety of your family or tenants. Electrical work can be extremely dangerous when there is faulty or deteriorating wiring, water damage or leaking, or a fire risk. Our electricians know to how to create a safe zone so that you won’t be at risk of injury and you can rest easy knowing that with our experience, we’ll have the power back up and running safely and at top performance in no time. While DIY projects can be fun, you should never try to fix an electrical issue if you do not have the critical knowledge or background in handling electrical systems. You could put yourself, your family, and your home at risk. It is extremely important you contact a professionally licensed electrician who can answer all your questions and assess where the issues and risks are. If you feel unsafe or are unsure, call us. We know electricity and we have been conducting electrical repairs in homes like yours in Los Angeles and Orange County for years.


Our philosophy on electrical work starts with safety but we also take pride by keeping all of our customers in the loop providing you all the details of our scope of work. As a family-run local business we treat all of our customers as our own neighbors. Our electricians will disclose all the information about the type of repair(s) they are providing as well as what your options are. We will never corner you or mislead you and if you have choices we will thoroughly explain all your repair options making sure you understand what is being done until you are fully comfortable with your decision. Our electricians are professionally trained to carry out many different types of repairs and with their knowledge they are more than happy to provide a solution.


If your home is 40 years or older you may want to obtain an assessment by our electricians to determine if you are at risk due to faulty or deteriorating wiring or an electrical system failure. We have found many electrical repair service calls come from older Southern California homes that have never had electrical system assessments. We have performed repair work reconciling many issues before either the homeowner was at serious risk.

contractor repairing an electrical socket

Neglecting the need for electrical repairs can be very risky and you could be playing with fire… literally. Whether you live in an older home, the natural elements of nature have imposed on your electrical system, or an electrical failure has occurred within your circuitry, lighting or electrical panel we can take immediate action to ensure your safety.

Call us at Accurate. Our electricians have ingenuity, politeness and will go the extra mile for all of our customers. If you are in Los Angeles County or Orange County you’re a neighbor to us and we want to help. Accurate also offers electrical installation services and electrical rewiring services as well. Call us for inquiries or to make an appointment.