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Enjoy Excellent Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Options with Accurate

Is your home’s exterior bereft of standard or accent lights? Are the lighting fixtures inside the house out-of-date or in need of retrofitting? Luckily, the trusted electricians at Accurate are prepared to take on an indoor or outdoor lighting challenge and perform top residential electrical services in Orange County

Take a look at some of the excellent lighting services we provide for residents:

Interior Lighting

Improving the lighting inside your home is a great way to add personality, atmosphere, and functionality to your property. From lighting fixture services to switch and dimmer installations, the experts at Accurate can help you customize your experience in your home and create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests. 

Recessed Lighting

These lights are installed inside a hollow opening, giving an appearance of light shining from a hole in the ceiling. This specific lighting option usually requires the installation of multiple lights in the ceiling, as the light shines straight down. At Accurate, we offer broad floodlights and narrower spotlight installations and repairs. 

Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting

Having kitchen lights on all the time is an excellent way to drive up that electric bill while you miss out on more pleasant alternatives. Our trained and certified electricians will have no issue installing under-cabinet lighting to give you a power-saving and calming lighting arrangement in your kitchen. Additionally, chandeliers and pendant lights, along with recessed lighting and dimmers, are all fantastic options for a pleasing kitchen atmosphere.

Track Lighting 

For a more modern look, try our track lighting installations. Multiple lighting fixtures are placed on “tracks” containing electrical conductors; instead of directing wiring to individual lights, all lights on the track will work on the same line. We can install track lighting vertically or horizontally on ceilings, walls, rafters, and beams. We can also hang them from vaulted ceilings. 

Exterior Lighting

The exterior of your home is the first thing your guests see as they arrive. If your house does not have outdoor lighting, your landscaping prowess will not be visible as the sun goes down, your pool parties will not have the same festive atmosphere, and your home could be at higher risk of crimes. To ensure that your home is protected and your home’s beauty is appreciated, Accurate exterior lighting installations are your best bet.

Pool & Spa Lighting

If you want to increase the lighting and safety of your enclosed pool area, Accurate pool and spa lighting are excellent options. Our electricians can wire lights around the pool edges and inside the pool to give you attractive accent lighting which allows you to see everyone in the pool area. It looks good and decreases the number of trips and accidental falls in the pool. 

Path Lighting

If you have cobblestone walkways, meandering trails through landscaping, or pavement paths from the driveway to the front door, Accurate electricians can bring in lighting that accentuates walkways and allows you and your guests to navigate your outdoor property with ease safely. 

Outdoor Security Lighting

In general, outdoor lighting is an effective crime deterrent. Criminals most often attempt house and car break-ins or vandalism in the dark. Having experts install security lighting to your home’s exterior can act as a protection for you and your family. Accurate lighting specialists can install light timers, motion sensors, and floodlights in critical areas of your property.

As leading electrical repair providers in Orange County, CA, we at Accurate are proud to install, repair, retrofit, and service interior and exterior lighting for residents. For more information on the many lighting services we provide, or to set up an appointment with a skilled technician, give us a call or fill out a contact form today!