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EV Charging Station

Complete EV Charging Station Service for Glendora

Electric cars have become much more affordable in recent years, increasing the need for residential charging stations. While most electric cars come with a 120-volt charging cable that can be used with a household socket, it can take several hours to charge in this capacity. A battery-electric car with a 240-volt Level 2 charging station can be charged as much as four times faster. Electric cars actually have “chargers” built into them, so the technical term for a charging station is Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (or EVSE). If you are looking into a charger for your home use, an EVSE is what you need. Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and AirC can help you choose the best charging option for your car – and assist with the installation and service of the new EVSE.

We can help with:

  • Choosing the proper charging station for your needs.
  • Deciding between “plugging in” vs. “hardwiring.”
  • Installation – including putting in a new dedicated circuit.
  • Service – including repairs and upgrades.

Plugged In Vs. Hardwired Installation

An electrician can install an EVSE outlet without the actual charging station. Referred to as “plugged in,” this allows the homeowner to install the charging station on their own. It gives them the freedom to easily replace a defective charger and the option to upgrade to a more powerful unit down the road. It also offers more versatility as the owner can temporarily remove the station if they temporarily need more room in the garage or carport. A “hardwired” installation is just that – a fixed charging station that requires a professional to have it moved or replaced. There are pros and cons for both installation options; one of our technicians can help you decide which is best for your needs.

EVSE Amp Labels

When looking at potential EVSEs, be mindful of the labeled amperage. Not all of the charging stations on the market labeled 40-amps offer the same output. There are some EVSEs advertised as 40 amps that only have an output of 30 or 32 amps. They are marketed this way because they can only be connected to a 40- amp breaker. To add to the confusion, there are also charging stations that are actually 40-amps and advertised as such – but these need to be installed on circuits with a 50-amp breaker. Our technicians can help you navigate the details with this new and continuously evolving platform.

Complete Electrical Installation and Repair

It is hard to imagine a single every day task that is not made possible by electricity. Every single property, including your car, has an electrical system. Beyond any doubt, this system is responsible for the quality of life that you and your family enjoy. Unfortunately, because electricity is so ubiquitous, many Glendora residents take it for granted. This mindset is dangerous because it can cause one to overlook the need for routine electrical maintenance. In order to ensure that your electrical system is properly and safely maintained, it is important for you to develop a relationship with a professionally licensed Accurate electrician. Our experienced electrical technicians can help you with all your EV installation and service repair needs. They can also help with any electrical system problems or projects you may have.

Do you have a new electric or hybrid vehicle that requires an EV Charging Station? Call Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air at 800-947-1747 to schedule an appointment today!