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Garbage Disposals

Professional Garbage Disposal Service

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If your home was built in the last 20 years, chances are the kitchen sink contains a garbage disposal. These essential kitchen aides, also referred to as disposers, have become indispensable tools for homes with active cooks. They are useful gadgets for ensuring that food waste (from dishes or meal preparation) doesn’t clog or damage the plumbing. Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air can assist with the installation and service of all major garbage disposals on the market. If you are thinking of replacing your current model, or want to retrofit an older sink with one, our plumbing professionals can help with every step.

We can assist with:

  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement
  • Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Garbage Disposal Care

Many of our plumbing service calls involve problems related to garbage disposals. Models that are broken, damaged or clogged because of incorrect use disrupt kitchens across Glendora on a weekly basis. But most of these issues could be avoided altogether if homeowners were more careful of their disposal usage. Though there are dozens of models on the market, the basic design remains the same for all: a spinning metal plate of metal impellers uses centrifugal force to grind food waste washed into it. The waste is quickly broken down and washed away through the connected wastewater pipe. Though the durable design can handle a variety of organic debris, its name “garbage disposal” often gives the false impression that all garbage can be thrown inside and disposed.

After Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air has installed your new garbage disposal, here are some tip for keeping it running efficiently:

  • Running Water: The garbage disposal was made to work with running water. Before you turn the unit on, make sure that water is running. After you have finished using it, keep the water running at least 15 seconds more to ensure all the debris is flushed away.
  • Use Cold Water: Only use cold water to grind the food waste and wash it away. Cold water helps to solidify any grease that has collected on the impellers, making it easier to wash it away.
  • Small Portions: Make sure not to overload the disposal, which can easily clog if too much debris is added at one time. Put small portions of waste into the disposal slowly. Wait until you hear the food clear from the unit before you add the next portion.
  • Non-Organic Debris: Your disposal is only meant for the small amounts of food debris. But some people use it as a trash can, which is the number one reason they break down. Paper, plastic, glass or metal will damage the blades and motor, not to mention clog up your pipes.
  • Odor Prevention: Garbage disposals are notorious for keeping the bad odors of the food waste. This can be prevented by grinding up pieces of lemons and ice cubes after use. You can also freeze vinegar in ice cube trays and run them through the disposal, which will help kill the bacteria that causes the odors.
  • Fibrous Food: Celery, onion skin, corn, broccoli, beans and other fibrous foods can jam the disposal. Throw fibrous debris in the trash – or the compost pile. Also egg shells and coffee grounds might work in the disposal, but they can stop up the plumbing. Add those to the compost pile as well.
  • Cleaning: After using the disposal, turn in the faucet and pour a small amount of dish soap into the unit. Run the disposal again and let it run for a few seconds. This will help to keep it clean and cut down on lingering odors.

Superior Home Services

Our licensed staff is committed to making every project a superior experience for our neighbors. In addition to the expert pedigree, you’ll get punctual service, upfront pricing and spotless red carpet service. We believe your time is valuable, so our customers are never kept waiting with unreasonable windows. Even in a plumbing emergency, we strive to beat the clock on additional damage that a leak can cause. We always assess a project and make sure that the customer is satisfied with the price before we begin. We also make sure that our project area is clean, if not cleaner, after it has been completed. Don’t believe us? You should see our work area after we’ve installed a garbage disposal. Superior service isn’t just promise – it’s the hallmark of our business.

When you need garbage disposal installation or service, give the plumbing professionals at Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air a call at 800-947-1747!