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Give the Gift of Home Improvement

In search of holiday gift ideas? Look no further. If a loved-one, family member or friend is not the easiest person to shop for, Accurate has the answer. This holiday season (until Dec. 20) Accurate is offering 15% off all gift cards of $100 or more. If you have a loved one or partner that has been wanting to start, finish or continue with a remodeling or home improvement project, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer. For some Christmas and holiday shoppers, the gift has to be special. Some might say that gift cards lack creativity, but with everything you can purchase using an Accurate gift card, it’s just the opposite. Here are a few reasons why giving the gift of Home Improvement might just be the best gift you ever give.


As the old saying goes, ‘the home is where the heart is’, and the heart is always entitled to dream a little bigger. Sometimes people talk about making changes or starting big remodeling projects but life, work, kids, school, and other obligations always seem a little overwhelming on the budget to even consider starting a project. Giving a holiday gift of home improvement can motivate them to begin with relief on their finances. Help them realize their vision by inspiring them to make it all possible. Show them a new kitchen with new lighting that isn’t that far away.


The best part about this holiday gift is that you don’t need to use it for new projects. You can end the same old complaining you keep hearing every time you visit your cousin, friend, or other relatives. They keep telling you they’re going to get that fixture fixed but it never happens. You can’t use the backroom bathroom at your cousin’s because the toilet doesn’t flush right and they’ve been meaning to have it looked at. With this gift idea, you can help whomever you like with whatever necessary repair needs to be made. Sure it’s not a shiny television wrapped in a gold paper they can open in front of everyone, but your gift will mean more in the long run than you or they could probably imagine. Get ready to become the family MVP for the year with this gift.


Expensive projects and remodeling plans can pinch a wallet pretty tight. With a holiday gift of home improvement, you can really help your relative or friend out by relieving some of the stress related to the project cost. Many times a new project, costly repairs, or appliance replacement can be something people hold off on because they don’t necessarily always have a slush fund for homework set aside. When you give the gift of Accurate you are making home desires more affordable and somebody’s dream a little bit more realistic. You could also be relieving the pressure that someone feels when they think about a home repair job that is needed but continuously put off. You could always purchase a material sample along with your gift. Don’t worry if it’s not the right marble or tone of color if anything this will inspire them, even more, to take your gift and make their home improvements a reality. When costs of living are rising in Los Angeles County and Orange County every year, the Accurate gift card is the best way to help your loved ones get closer to planning, beginning, or even finishing that project.


It’s true. Not to over-exaggerate here, but with this holiday gift idea you could end up sparking a new project that eventually may become the kitchen where your grandchildren cook for their kids. You could end up initiating the beginning of a beautifully lit backyard oasis that entertains parties for decades to come. That’s a Christmas gift idea that would probably put you in the book of legends. Home is where families grow up. Your home environment is how you remember your childhood and is supposed to be your favorite place in the world. Giving the gift of making someone’s home better and closer to their dream home is better than any other Christmas or Holiday gift one could imagine. Even if you’re not paying for the whole lot, you’re helping a loved one construct something that’s important to them and that’s a gift goes way beyond all expectation. Happy Holidays from Accurate!

Still not convinced? Home improvement makes the perfect gift, and not just for the holidays- be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or just to say thanks to someone you care about. Click here for more reasons an Accurate gift card is the best gift all year round!