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Rubel Castle

Rubel Castle, located in the area of Glendora, California, is an eclectic masterpiece of whimsical architecture and engineering. It was built by Michael Rubel, an inventor and a self-taught engineer who spent over three decades constructing this marvel.


The castle features various structures, including a drawbridge, a moat with a working waterfall, winding staircases, secret rooms, and a library with a hidden door. The architectural style of the castle is a blend of Gothic, Romanesque, and Victorian, representing Rubel’s visionary imagination.


Michael Rubel was a free spirit who followed his passion for constructing unusual and extraordinary buildings. He used found and recycled materials to build this enormous castle, which took years to complete. The castle includes various materials, such as scrap metal, concrete, rocks, and discarded automotive parts.


Today, the Rubel Castle in the area of Glendora stands as a living testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Michael Rubel. Visitors can take tours of the castle and marvel at the various features that reflect his unique personality and inventive style.


If you plan to visit this unique architectural marvel, it is important to note that it is not open to the public every day. Visitors should check the tour schedule before planning their visit.


In conclusion, the Rubel Castle in the area of Glendora is a fascinating and magical work of art that provides a glimpse into the visionary imagination of Michael Rubel. It is a must-see for anyone who appreciates art, architecture, and engineering.


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