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The Best Heating/Cooling Options for your Sunroom

Your sunroom is your home theater experience to the great outdoors.  Sunrooms are the perfect balance between getting close to nature and being far enough away so you don’t have to check for ticks, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.   Sunrooms offer a nice amenity to any homeowner and present a great leisure venue for family activities, parties, and friendly gatherings.

While sunrooms offer a comfortable atmosphere for lounging, with the Southern California sun in play, the temperature can quickly shift.  Depending on how your sunroom was built and which direction it faces, you could experience intense temperature changes that can create issues and discomfort throughout the rest of your home.  

Trying to keep your sunroom at the most desired temperature could be challenging when summer is peaking or when winter is in full gear.  If your home has a sunroom, we have a few tips that can help you maintain a comfortable temperature so you can enjoy it all year-round.

If you are considering to add a sunroom as a remodeling project to your home, we have a few ideas you might consider before you start building.

Keeping Your Sunroom Cool

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can be a game changer in your sunroom.  Overhead fans offer flexibility when it comes to setting your temperature, whether your main HVAC system is connected or you are using a portable system.  You can actually set your temperature a few degrees higher and still keep comfortable while saving energy and money.

You can maximize a ceiling fan best when it is at least 8 feet off the ground.  If you have raised ceilings in your sunroom then this is an ideal situation for using a fan.

Manage Your Light

Controlling the light you let in your sunroom also can keep it cool during peak hours of the day.  Installing blinds on the windows or applying tint to the outside of your bay windows will do wonders for filtering out heat.  Keep the sun out and keep yourself comfortable in your favorite easy chair with a little tint. You can still have your view of the outdoors and keep bird-watching.


A Packed Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and or cooling/heating system can help control the temperature greatly.  You may use a little more energy, but you will be comfortable. One great thing about using these units is that you can fit them in a casing that matches your décor, provided there are openings so the air can flow in and out.  With decorative options available, you can enhance the ambiance of your lounge area using your PTAC as a piece of additional furniture.

Ductless Mini Splits

Mini Splits offer both heating and cooling options to your sunroom.  A mini split has an outdoor compressor and an indoor operating unit. A conduit connects these two components which houses the refrigerant tubing, power cable, and condensate drain.  A mini-split can also be designed within the idea of your layout. A mini-split can be made to look like artwork on the wall and match the color of your sunroom’s design. They are energy-efficient and offer a lot of options.  

Keeping Your Sunroom Warm

Weather Strips

Adding weather-strips to your windows and doorframes can help avoid leaking air.  Believe it or not, this small detail will actually make a huge difference when it comes to keeping the warm air inside.  Sitting in a sunroom to view the outdoors should be relaxing and not feel like you are literally in the outdoors.

Window Insulation

Adding tint to your windows will also help the heat from escaping.  Sure it’s like putting sunglasses on your sunroom, but you can still utilize the great view.  Someday you might see a bear try to burglarize your bird feeder. We’re not saying this will happen, but if it does at least you’ll be warm and cozy.  

You can also apply a layer of clear plastic to your windows in the winter to keep the heat inside without disrupting your view.

Insulated Drapes

While installing insulated drapes may take away the view from time to time, these can definitely help keep the air warm.  The heat will stay inside during the evening so when the sun comes out you can open the drapes and take full advantage of the view.

Space Heater

PTAC Units and Mini-Splits can help you manage your heat inside, but a simple space heater might really do the trick during the winter months.  If you find that your sunroom stays cooler on its own and you don’t need a full PTAC unit or Mini-Split and you just want to keep a little warm during the colder months, there are many models to choose from.  Space heaters are small and can be very mobile so you can easily store them during the summer.

Our Accurate Team has been dealing with the Southern California weather elements for years.  Let us help you get the most out of your home’s sunroom. We can find the best option for your budget to make the temperature comfortable so your sunroom can be used year-round.

Building a Sunroom?

If you decide to build a sunroom to increase the value of your home or simply because you want to explore your viewing options, there are a few things you should consider.  Knowing what we know now, our Accurate team can help you build the Taj Mahal of sunrooms. Give us a call, but in the meantime remember these keys:

Extend your ductwork into the sunroom: If you extend your ductwork into your sunroom, this will present a lot of cooling and heating options.  HVAC systems can be specially programmed with dual thermostats so you will be able to set your sunroom temperature separately than your main home still using the same system!  Have questions? Let us know and we can explain the possibilities.

Insulation:  When you build your sunroom you should plan out your insulation.  Insulating your sunroom, depending on your specific design, will allow you to utilize this room year-round no matter what Los Angeles County or Orange County’s weather throws at you.

Blinds between pains of glass: When you choose your windows and have them installed you can actually get blinds installed between pains of glass.  This will help manage the light coming in and the heat/cool air going out. These are convenient and can look elegant as well.

Fireplace: Go all out and make this a four-season room, even if Southern California only gives us two seasons.  Consider placing a fireplace somewhere in your design for those cold and rainy winter months. You will thank us in the long run and especially around the holidays.  If anything, do it for Grandma.