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Home Efficiency Tips

Upgrading your home appliances and fixtures not only makes your home more user-friendly, but it also saves money and energy! With a multitude of smart technology, controlling the comforts of your home has never been easier. Accurate technicians are always up to date on the most cutting-edge tools for your home and can recommend and install the technology that best suits your needs. Learn some helpful tips as Eric takes you on a tour of ways you can make improvements to your home, inside and out, that will increase energy efficiency and lower your bills.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, my name is Eric Smith with Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air. Today we’re going to be talking about ways to increase your home’s efficiency. So we’re going to be walking around the house and taking a look at certain appliances and fixtures and pointing out ways that we think would be best for you guys to be saving energy around the house.

We’re inside the home and I’m just going to point out a few quick things that you can be doing to increase your home’s efficiency. One of those things is the thermostat. This is an old leveler- adjust the thermostat, and nowadays what we’re recommending is people use a smart thermostat. Some brands come to mind, Nest, Eco, Honeywell, these thermostats are known and liked because of their ease of use- anyone can use them, children can use them. Another thing is they learn your habits as you can just live your daily life -throughout the day and you’re adjusting your thermostat, it’s going to learn those patterns and it’s going to adjust itself thereafter. Another key function of it that we all like is being able to interface with your mobile devices. And so you can change the temperature or turn the system off right from your phone, even if you just ran out to the grocery store. So the ease of use, the connectivity to your mobile devices, the thermostat’s learning of your living habits are all ways that the thermostat is ending up saving you money.

So another thing we can do that not only improves your lighting but also improves the energy consumption that the light fixture is consuming is changing out your standard light switches for dimmers. Dimmers come in a wide variety nowadays. You have dimmers that can just turn on and off like a regular light switch with dimming capabilities and we have dimmers that actually connect wirelessly to your mobile devices and so you can not only be adjusting your thermostat with your mobile device you can also be adjusting the lighting in your house with your mobile device. This gives you full access to your energy consumption when it’s coming to your heating and cooling and your lighting throughout your house.

And as we take a look around a house and looking for ways to help homeowners save money on their electric bills this is one of the things we look at. And so we want to make sure that the A/C unit is clean, properly cleaned on an annual basis, all this dirt down here that you see is restricting airflow across this. So we’re going to have some recommendations out here by simple maintenance that homeowners can be doing to their unit to save money. Another thing that comes to mind is pool motors. And most people have the old-style pool motor, and when they turn it on it comes on full bore and it’s using the full amount of energy. Nowadays they have variable pool motors and those speeds change depending on what cycle that motor’s in, so it inevitably saves you guys money. Another motor-driven device similar to A/C is your refrigerators and it’s not uncommon that we walk into a garage and we see the home’s old refrigerator now sitting out in the garage where it gets really hot in the garage and that refrigerator is running all the time. We’ve seen homeowners save twenty to forty dollars a month by simply getting rid of the old refrigerator they have plugged in their garage that has two old bottles of water sitting out in it.

Well hey guys, thank you for joining us today as we walked through the house and pointed out ways that are easy, inexpensive, and ways that you can be improving your home’s efficiency.