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How You Prevent Dirty Duct Work

Imagine what would happen if you never blew your nose. It sounds unappealing and downright disgusting but beyond being gross there would be a few things that would happen. You wouldn’t be able to breathe through your nostrils, your boogers would clog your air passages, and would probably get sick or even choke.

Failing to clean your ductwork in your home is similar. If you let dirty ductwork build up with debris and other toxic items from the outside, you may not only find it hard to breathe in your home, but you will probably have health issues because of it whether you realize it or not. Your nose is a filter in a way so when you breath in air mucus catches dust and bacteria you come in contact with catching it before it hits your lungs.

Your ductwork has filters that do the same to try and stop dust particles, debris, bugs, and even small animals from making a home inside. Regardless of all the scientific names that could describe what gets caught in your ductwork, there is some weird stuff out in nature that can build up inside your home. Ductwork cleaning will always help your home’s air quality but there are other ways you can prevent dirty ductwork from getting really bad.


Vacuuming your home on a regular basis is a good start. Air blows dust around your house containing different kinds of allergens and debris. This circulates from furniture, walls, carpet or other items when your fans are running. You can bring dust through the front door and it can wind up in your ductwork if you don’t keep your home clean.

Make sure you don’t have missing air filters. If air is freely bypassing open areas without anything to stop the dust, debris and possibly bugs, there’s no way to tell what might be lurking in your ductwork. An open passageway large enough for a small animal is as inviting as a free vacancy at a five-star hotel. Some animals carry diseases harmful to humans and if you don’t keep a lid on your ductwork from the outside, you may be breathing in some harmful air.

Keeping an eye out for water leakage in your ducts will also prevent any harmful build up you may have to worry about. If moisture gets in and stands without being dealt with, the walls of your ducts will be decorated with mold like a fence with ivy. Once mold forms in your ductworks every time you turn on your HVAC system, your air will be intoxicated with mold particles, which will eventually make their way into your lungs.

Renovation work can be exciting when you are adding a new addition or updating a bathroom, but don’t forget about cleaning or covering the vents to your ductwork. Sawdust and drywall debris floating through the air or even paint can make its way through your ventilation system and end up coming out into a room on the other side of your home. Chemicals used to install wood floors, tile or even glazing bathtubs can have an effect on the air quality so be mindful during a remodeling project.

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance will always protect you from having dirty ductwork. The only way to truly know what’s going on up in your ductwork is to take a peak for yourself or a have a professional do an assessment. It’s important to keep an eye on your ducts because if you don’t a small issue could build up and become a gigantic problem.

What Gets Caught In There

It’s dreadful to think about but your ductwork could be a lair for rats, a hangout for cockroaches, or a brave new colony for insects trying to build a family. Dirty ductwork can be almost like an old tomb, holding many scary things you don’t want to know about.

Besides standing water, mold, and outside debris, you also need to remember that air is constantly flowing through this system. The longer your ductwork sits unattended the more pollutant and allergens can invade your home affecting everyone’s healthy breathing air.

Any animals that end up living inside your ductwork can always be removed with a humane trap so you don’t have to feel guilty about disposing of nature in a harmful way. Think about it, they didn’t know any better and you didn’t even know they were there.

Would you ever let a fly or a bee live inside your nose? Probably not. There are many different ways that could end which wouldn’t be good for you or the bee.

Health Risk

If you ignore your dirty ductwork or don’t make plans to regularly have your ductwork cleaned, you put yourself at risk for unfamiliar invaders.

Allergies can creep into your home with outside dust and particles from local plants, vegetation or insects. If anyone in your home suffers from asthma attacks or is at risk from asthma, depending on what part of Los Angeles County and Orange County you live in, the risk can be pretty high.

Respiratory disease can become a long-term ailment developed from unhealthy air quality. This is why it is also important to regularly receive an air-quality checkup to make sure your air is clean. Air quality checks can be the first clue letting you know that your ductwork may be holding some unwanted matter.

In addition, small animals that carry diseases may not come in contact with you but their dander and fur can be carried through your ductwork air. Ductwork cleaning can help save you from the unexpected before it’s too late.

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