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Improve Air Quality with A New Air Conditioner Installation

Summer heat is dangerous for many people. As a result, air conditioning has become more than a convenience in areas like Glendora, CA. In many cases, it is a lifesaver. Unfortunately, older A/C systems can contribute to poor indoor air quality, a problem that has been linked to various health conditions. 

Indoor Air Can Be a Health Problem

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has identified indoor air pollution as a health hazard. Concentrations of some pollutants have increased due to factors like energy-efficient building construction that lacks sufficient ventilation to ensure needed air exchange. The increased use of synthetic building materials, furnishings, pesticides, household cleaners, and personal care products have also contributed to poor air quality.  

One factor that makes the issue so dangerous is that the very young, older adults, and individuals with respiratory or cardiovascular disease often spend the most time indoors. As a result, during the extreme summer heat, those who are most vulnerable rely on air conditioning even more than the general population.

The A/C that is protecting individuals from heat-related issues can make them sick if older or poorly maintained units contribute to indoor air pollution. As a result, homeowners increasingly rely on experts like Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air to evaluate home air quality and provide replacement air conditioners when necessary.

An Air Conditioner Can Produce Contaminants

One of the reasons that central air conditioning is so popular is that it creates a closed, temperature-controlled environment. The HVAC system is responsible for circulating fresh air. When a unit is in good condition and well-maintained, replacing filters regularly is usually enough to remove pollen, allergens, dust, pesticides, and other outdoor irritants from the air.

But, it’s a problem if you have an old, inefficient unit that can actually contribute to poor air quality. That’s especially true if you run the air conditioner 24 hours a day while keeping doors and windows closed.

An air conditioner pushes outside air into your home, passes it through a filter, and over a cold coil. Air is then pushed through vents. Older units can struggle with this process, which impacts air quality. If the evaporator coils and ductwork need cleaning, they can add pollutants to indoor air. Cooling hot air creates condensation and moisture that must be channeled away. If the system does this poorly, the unit can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.  

Your Older A/C May Circulate Irritants 

There is a common belief that central air conditioning systems bring fresh air in from outdoors, but this is false. They can only recycle air already present in your home. Nor do air conditioners automatically purify the air. While they filter pollen, dust, and other allergens, they do not clean the air. The filters with higher ratings may filter better, but a poorly functioning unit can still circulate pollutants.  

The EPA reports that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, and concentrations of some pollutants can be two to five times higher inside the structure. An older air conditioning unit and dirty ductwork can make the matter worse.   

A Replacement Air Conditioner Offers Benefits 

Replacing an air conditioner over ten years old can contribute to a healthier home. Once your new ac installation is complete, you also enjoy several other benefits. 

The newest air conditioners include technology designed to help keep indoor air healthy. They provide exceptional humidity control, air purification, and ventilation.  

Some manufacturers offer unique filtration technology. A filtration system can help remove dust, mold, and pollen pollutants. Some systems are compatible with HVAC add-ons that can also help.

For example, suppose the humidity in your home is a problem. In that case, a technician may recommend whole-house humidifiers and energy recovery ventilators so that you achieve the best possible indoor air quality.  

The benefits of a new air conditioner also include: 

  • Energy efficiency. New HVAC systems are designed to reduce energy consumption. 
  • Reduced utility bills. New air conditioning systems include a yellow label that calculates their estimated operating costs. You can use the guide to see how much a replacement system will save you. 
  • A more comfortable home.  Because older units struggle to do their job, they do not keep your home as comfortable. Newer systems are designed with technology that allows them to adjust and ensure maximum comfort. 
  • Increased durability. A high-quality replacement air conditioner is designed for years of high performance. Outdoor elements stand up to all types of weather. 

Technicians Install Air Scrubbers

A new air conditioner goes a long way toward improving your home’s indoor air, especially if it is well-maintained. You can enhance these advantages by adding an air scrubber that purifies the air.  

An HVAC professional can provide an air scrubber that has been engineered to be installed in your HVAC system. A scrubber will purify all of your home’s air.

A scrubber can eliminate:  

  • Particulates, including dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and dirt.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including vapors, chemicals, odors, and smoke
  • Microscopic living organisms such as mildew, mold, bacteria, and viruses

An HVAC technician can install an air scrubber as a permanent fixture in your home’s ductwork. When the system turns on, air flows through and passes through a germicidal light. The light disrupts airborne contaminants’ DNA, which kills them. Unlike air filters that only trap pollutants, air scrubbers destroy pathogens and contaminants. 

An air scrubber can break up and alter the structure of gasses, smoke, and other air impurities. The devices kill fungi, mold, viruses, and spores. Manufacturers also offer ozone technology models to combat odors from household products, smoke, pets, and more. An air scrubber uses as little as 18 watts of electricity.

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