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Insights into the Freon Phase-Out


Effective January 2020, Freon will cease to be manufactured due to its toxic and harmful nature. All homeowners who rely on Freon for all their refrigerant needs should start looking at alternate options.  Our company will continue to provide top quality service through maintaining compliance with the Clean Air Act’s regulation of all Freon removal.

If you are wondering what Freon is and why the big fuss, here is a quick background summary of this common household chemical. Since its introduction in 1930 by General Motors and DuPont, Freon has become synonymous with refrigerant. It is now used as the main ingredient in all refrigeration equipment, like refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and freezers. However, due to its toxicity and harmful effect on the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency has been working on the slow removal of Freon.

The Freon phase-out doesn’t mean the end of refrigeration. Homeowners who use Freon-based cooling equipment will be seeing a gradual price increase to run, maintain, and replace their machines until there is no Freon left. Instead, we encourage you to look at alternative cooling options, such as sustainable refrigerant, especially if your current Freon-based equipment is in need of serious repairs. Depending on the refrigeration and air system employed in your home, our technicians could either retrofit the current systems or install a new system.

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