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Top Issues Affecting Your San Dimas Home


Set on the east edge of the San Gabriel Valley with its small-town feel, San Dimas is probably one of the most peaceful and quiet neighborhoods of Los Angeles. If you’re living in this once-upon-a-time Sunkist town you know it’s a comfortable place to hang your hat and rest your head. With its historical features, Raging Waters park, and being at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, San Dimas is the native land of the dog-walker and happy homeowner.

With the homeownership rate being higher than the national average, there’s a 72% chance you probably make up part of the San Dimas population that owns a home. If you’re part of that pie you know how much work it can be to keep your home running efficiently especially if you’re not the only person living there. As property value continues to increase in San Dimas maintaining the longevity of your home is vital to its market value as well as your own well-being.

Maintaining your home isn’t always simple but if you know the main issues affecting your San Dimas Home, it can be easier to pinpoint what you need to do in order to avoid the expensive unexpected.


If your home was built before 1990 you probably want to consider the age of your electrical wiring. Sometimes there are signals that can raise awareness that it may be time to at least have an assessment to see what kind of condition your electrical system is in.


When was the last time you had your wiring checked?

If you notice your circuit breakers tripping on a regular or semi-regular basis you might want to ask yourself why this is happening. Breakers trip as safety prevention to stop electricity when a circuit can’t handle it. If a breaker trips out you shouldn’t, because it’s saving you from potential fire risk.

Depending on how old your electrical system is and when your house was built you could need a panel replacement or a safety upgrade. The chances are that twenty to thirty years ago there wasn’t a television in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even your garage. A lot of San Dimas residents are using more electronics today than the house was built to handle. That’s obvious even to Grandma. But what’s not obvious is that it’s probably putting more stress on your electrical system, which warrants the possibility of some updated wiring.


After 25 years of flushing, it’s hard to believe your pipes would be in mint condition. Do you know your home’s plumbing history? If you’ve experienced some close calls or slow draining it might be time to call in a professional who can assess and solve issues quickly, saving you from much bigger problems down the line. While these signs could be telling of a small clog, they could also be a warning that your pipes are galvanizing or rusting away.


Leaks can sneak up on you because they escalate quickly, often before you know it. If you see dark spots in the wall or areas with added moisture there could be something happening beneath the surface. It’s true that plumbing systems can be one of the most neglected systems by a homeowner simply because most issues are hidden from plain view. A slow-draining bathtub can annoying but you can adapt. You end up living on a daily basis knowing that your bathtub drains slowly without checking to see if there is a more complex issue causing it. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of our lives that tend to take our attention from little things like that. Unfortunately, it’s those little things that can end up turning into a gigantic emergency. Pipe-replacements should be considered in your San Dimas home if it was built more than 25 years ago.


The San Dimas weather is beautiful most of the year with a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. With the hot air on the eastside of Los Angeles, it can be easy to want to run your air-conditioner all day long, especially in the peak summer months. Yet depending on the size of your San Dimas home, there’s always an alternative to running up your energy bill or blowing out your air-conditioner.

Ceiling fans are a smart way to manage air temperature in your house so you don’t have to burn electricity all the time. If you are missing out on that Westside breeze another alternative option is a QuietCool system that can save you a lot of money during the summer as well as provide healthier air within your home. Get more info about QuietCool whole house fans here:

Your home is like an ecosystem in the sense that one variable affects how the function of the other but together they are harmonious. If you run your A/C like a racecar you’ll find out how durable your electrical system is. If your electrical wiring is loose or faulty wiring gets wet from a pipe leak you’ll want to know who to call and what to do. We’re not suggesting that your home could potentially turn into a Super Mario Brothers game with pitfalls and fireballs, but to avoid any kind of expensive emergency, Accurate can get a deeper look at the cause and fix it before you have to fight Bowser.

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