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Let the Professionals Handle Electrical Repairs

Today, homes rely on a reliable and constant supply of electricity to operate lights, appliances, and electronic equipment. Because there are so many ways people use electricity, there is always the potential for problems to develop. When electrical outlets, lighting, and other devices fail to operate properly, it’s tempting to try DIY solutions and avoid having to contact an electrical contractor for help. That’s not a good idea. Unless you have the training required to complete electrical repairs properly, it’s unsafe to attempt repairs. Here are a few of the reasons homeowners should let the professionals handle all electrical repairs.

Electrical Repairs Require the Proper Training and Experience

Before attempting any home repair, owners should first determine the level of risk involved. In some instances, the risks involved are not high. For example, a property owner may have the knowledge and tools required to complete simple repairs, like installing a new electrical switch or outlet, as long as the power to the circuit is disconnected. However, installing wiring for new outlets or fixtures should always be left to the experts. Why? Quite simply, making even a simple mistake can create major problems. 

There is always a risk of fires, electrical shocks, and damage to expensive devices if the wiring isn’t correctly installed. In addition, most electrical work beyond very simple repairs requires a permit from Glendora, CA, officials. When a permit is required, using a licensed electrician may be a necessity. In the event a property owner makes repairs or updates without acquiring the required permits first, there could be significant consequences later. Trying to make electrical wiring a DIY project simply isn’t worth the risks involved. 

Improper Repairs May Negate Insurance Coverage

One issue few people consider is that improper electrical repairs can lead to fires. Untrained people generally make mistakes when doing DIY electrical repairs. Those mistakes routinely lead to electrical shorts that cause shocks and, unfortunately, fires. While homeowners insurance typically covers damages caused by electrical fires, if the homeowner made repairs that caused the fire, the coverage may be denied. 

If the damage is minor, that denial of coverage may not be a major concern. However, if the home is a total loss, and the cause of the fire is determined to be improper, unpermitted DIY electrical repairs, the losses will be devastating. On the other hand, when skilled electrical contractors make repairs, there is virtually no chance of issues developing. Electricians know how to properly install and repair all types of wiring in a home, which means their work will always be safe for the home’s residents to use. 

Improper Wiring Voids Warranties

If a home’s wiring is improper, damage to appliances and electronic devices could be voided. With the costs of appliances, computers, and entertainment devices going up, it pays to ensure the power supply for each device is safe. Even if you’ve never touched the wiring in your home, that doesn’t mean an unqualified person hasn’t tampered with that wiring in the past. It’s always a good idea to have an electrician inspect residential electrical services periodically to ensure everything in the system is functioning correctly. Before buying a home and periodically after moving in, consider having an electrical inspection by a qualified electrician. 

Electrical inspections uncover wiring issues that threaten appliances and other devices in a home. Of course, finding electrical issues quickly also means there is a much lower risk of electrical shocks to the home’s residents. If your home’s electrical system has never been inspected, it’s a good idea to contact a Glendora, CA, electrician for advice and to schedule an inspection. Since it takes a certain set of skills to inspect an electrical system, leave it to the experts. It’s safer for you and everyone in the home to have an electrician conduct a complete electrical inspection.

Attempting Repairs to Service Panels Can Be Deadly

Far too often, homeowners think they can replace a breaker or add a circuit to the home’s electrical service panel. That’s never a job for a DIYer. The high voltage in a service panel is dangerous, and no one but an experienced electrician should ever attempt repairs or updates to a service panel. By the way, a high percentage of current electrical service panels are no longer sufficient to meet modern demands. Today’s homes have far more electrical devices than ever before, and those devices tend to be quite sensitive. Expensive electronics should be powered by dedicated circuits, and older homes don’t have those types of circuits. 

If your home is more than roughly ten years old, or the current electrical service is only 100 amps or less, it’s time to contact an electrician to evaluate the service and determine what upgrades are needed to protect your valuable appliances and electronic devices. In addition, if you’re installing a security system, specialized wiring may be required. Take the time now to contact the team at Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air for help.

Contact an Established Contractor for Help

For your peace of mind, it pays to contact a contractor that’s got the experience to take on all types of electrical issues in the Glendora area. Whether it’s an inspection, minor repairs, or a major update to a home’s electrical system, it’s important to work with qualified electrical contractors. That’s why contacting the Accurate team of experts for help or advice is always a good idea.

Accurate has been helping area residents with their electrical needs since 1989, and we take great pride in providing a level of service that goes beyond what most contractors provide. Our long-time customers know they can expect nothing but the best from the company. In addition to electrical services, we also provide HVAC and plumbing services. 

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Accurate today. The company’s team of professionals is always ready to provide the help Glendora area residents and business owners expect and need. Don’t risk DIY repairs to your home’s electrical system. Contact the experts for the help you need and rest assured those electrical repairs or upgrades will be completed properly.