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Signs of Plumbing’s Most Common Problems

Don’t wait for a pipe to burst and your home to suffer from water damage when there are some common signs that you can look for to potentially prevent water issues in your home. Catching potential water leak issues early helps to eliminate problems associated with unwanted water from broken pipes while keeping your costs down. This is why we encourage you to do regular inspections of your plumbing parts throughout your Glendora home.


When doing regular inspections of your plumbing make sure to check under sinks & tubs, inside access panels near your showers, sinks or appliances, all attachments to toilets, water heaters & appliances and in your basement or crawl spaces. This includes your dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerators, water heaters, water filtration systems, faucets & toilets.


Common signs of plumbing problems to look out for:


When you find a leak, it is most likely to happen at connection points meaning where the appliance is hooked up to the water source. A crack in the toilet tank can start as a hairline crack and spread slowly giving you the opportunity to catch it before expensive damage is done.

Deposit buildup

White deposits on copper pipes are signs that water is already leaking and is something that needs to be addressed before you find yourself with water pooling or shooting out in places it should not be. 


On a braided stainless steel supply line, you may see some corrosion such as rust, discoloration or braids that are broken apart. With brass valves, the corrosion can be white, green, or blue. Usually, corrosion is an indication that there is a water chemistry problem and getting it tested could prevent further damage.


This usually happens after the other signs listed above occur as the hose cracks under the water pressure.


If you happen to see any of these signs of a plumbing problem, call in one of the Accurate Electric Plumbing & Heating experts as soon as possible. The longer you allow water to be present in your home the more damage can occur. Our emergency repair team can troubleshoot any problem and quickly determine the cause and the solution so that you can have water flowing again without damage.


In addition to the signs of plumbing issues mentioned above, other ways to know if there is a problem with your plumbing include:

  • High Water Bills. Higher than regular water bills without any change in your use of water habits might mean there is a leak. This happens when there is running water from a dripping faucet, or running toilet.
  • Mold. Mold growth happens with moisture which might be from indoor plumbing problems. Other reasons mold might be inside the home could be from leaky roofs or flooding as well.
  • Soggy Grass. If your yard or sidewalk has some soggy areas it’s a telltale sign that there is a water leak in the yard.


Don’t forget:

Common plumbing issues are not just due to a lack of maintenance as they can also come from installation errors or manufacturing defects. Keeping up with regular maintenance as per the manufacturer’s recommendation for your appliance can be one more way to keep water damage at bay.


Locate your house’s water shut-off valve before you have a problem and need to locate it in a pinch (or in the case of a burst pipe and water leaking).


Our team of plumbing professionals at Accurate Electric Heating & Plumbing can help no matter how big or small the plumbing issue and no matter the time of day. We are on call and ready to protect your house so you can get back to living comfortably at home if there ever is an issue that comes up.