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Switches Outlets & Dimmers



We know that family homes and local businesses are all unique in their own way. That’s why our family-run business Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air, has professionally licensed and talented electricians who appreciate the customized needs of all different style properties. Not all light switches are the same, not all fixtures are wired exactly the same. Whether you have a need for an extra outlet in a specialized area, a new appliance that needs installation or a new lighting system vision, with our switch services expertise we can help make it happen. We offer complete electrical receptacle and outlet services for all types of needs. Our licensed technicians work on and are familiar with all types of switches in both Los Angeles County and Orange County. Not only do they enjoy the work, they also complete jobs swiftly and efficiently. We handle electrical wiring, outlets, switches/dimmers and a whole lot more.

We can assist you with:

  • New Outlets
  • GFCI Safety Outlets
  • Receptacle Repair/Replacement
  • Dimmer Installation/Repair
  • Complete Electrical Fixture Service


When you hire Accurate you’re choosing professional electricians that provide you with high-quality detailed switch services work. Our licensed technicians can handle any switch, outlet or dimmer service your property may need regardless of the unique nature of the job. Our electricians not only possess the knowledge and professional experience to provide exceptional service but they treat each project professionally with the customization it needs. Our switch services technicians are the best at what they do in the business. They will take time to explain the details of the work they are providing and will answer all your questions. We know your home is special and we want you to be comfortable with the work our technicians are performing. We also focus on upfront pricing before the work begins. Our technicians will be prompt and they always carry the right tools and parts so you won’t have to worry about rescheduling. We understand time is precious in a fast-pace world so we come prepared for every call servicing Los Angeles County and Orange County. And don’t worry about cleaning up after us – we’ll give you the red carpet treatment and make sure our workspace is so spotless it was like we were never there.


Improving your lifestyle at home could be as simple as reevaluating how you use your space. If you’re thinking of remodeling or doing a room change part of your vision should consider what’s convenient. Turning a bedroom into an office or expanding an entertainment area could call for more outlets depending on what you are going for. We can help you make it happen. A typical room will generally feature two-to-three electrical outlets and one switch. However if you’re planning on getting ambitious or you have appliance placement in mind we can help you plan to create the most efficient and practical changes to make life more enjoyable in your new space. Adding more outlets to a room that has a high volume of appliance usage can prevent your circuits from overloading. A home office may use a lot of high-powered technology so additional outlet installation will put your electrical system at ease. Or your home may just need simple updating to allow for more electronic usage in this century.

When you remodel a room in your home it’s a perfect opportunity to reconfigure your wiring. Unless your home was just built, many Los Angeles County and Orange County electrical systems are dated. Our experts can help assess your home’s status for both safety and the ability to perform at the level you need it to. Usually remodeling involves adding newer technology and lighting. It’s important that when upgrading your home you make sure your system can handle the energy flow to avoid any potential overloads or additional wiring damage. While longevity is important so is knowing what makes sense for day-to-day usage. A home office benefits from adding floor outlets to accommodate desk placement and longer floor lamp cords (keeping them from being a tripping hazard). A kitchen remodel may call for more outlets either in a center island or at counter level for easier appliance usage.

At Accurate, Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air, our professional electricians can not only help you plan your vision but can improve your property by adding electrical receptacles and outlets in the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing areas. We will help you utilize each inch of your property for maximum efficiency.


Beyond installing brand new electrical outlets in your home, Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air also replaces faulty electrical receptacles. Our electrical contractors specialize in receptacle repair and outlet replacement both in your home and business properties. Our licensed electricians are trained to recognize and diagnose all types of issues specific to outlet failures so they can solve the problem quickly and easily. No guessing games are played when you hire Accurate electricians. Our technicians will be on site promptly and will come fully prepared to fix your issues the first time. Do you have a receptacle or outlet that you are unsure about? Do have an outlet or receptacle that needs the diagnosis of a trained technician? Contact us and we’ll find the answers to ensure your electrical system is running at top performance to support all the operations of your home.


GFCIs are extremely important for the safety of your home and business. These devices are used to quickly shut down power on a circuit when a ground fault is detected, essentially preventing any kind of fire and or electrocution. GFCIs are fixtures that are required by law to be in any room functioning with a water source (kitchen and bathrooms) and where high load devices (such as a workshop or garage) could potentially be compromised by water. When some appliances experience a short, get wet, or the electrical current flows where it shouldn’t the GFCI will cut the power off as a safety precaution. These devices are vital for day-to-day life with electricity.

AFCIs work similarly to GFCIs protecting against electrical shocks, hazards and potential fires. Specifically, AFCIs shut down a circuit when an electrical arc is detected from a device or a circuit. An electrical arc is the discharge of an electrical current, which can cause a fire by igniting any nearby materials such as carpet, paper, wood, etc. An AFCI will cut power to a circuit before an electrical arc can be generated thus protecting against any severe damage or harmful danger. AFCIs work in tandem with GFCIs and your circuit breaker to protect your electrical system from any kind of danger or failure. Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air technicians have always made safety the most important aspect of their work for each and every customer. Our technicians will go above and beyond all expectations to keep their customers safe from any harm or danger and ensure that their electrical systems are up-to-date and up to legal code.

When you need assistance with your electrical fixtures, outlets, or switch services call Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air at 800-947-1747 to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to answer all your questions.