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Top 5 Benefits of Whole House Fans

With energy costs on the rise, homeowners are searching for ways to keep their home at a comfortable temperature without spending a fortune. One way to accomplish this goal is to install a whole-house fan. Here we will talk about the top 5 benefits of whole-house fans, and how they can lower your utility bills.

Cool the Entire Home

Many people believe they are cooling the home when they use their HVAC system. However, this system only cools part of the residence. The structure and attic, for example, stay hot, which leads to the system working harder the next time it needs to bring the interior temperature down. Whole house fans installed by Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air can combat this problem.

Walk around the home and look at the vents. They are present in the rooms, but not in the attic. In fact, the ductwork that distributes cool air often sits in the attic, but no ducts open to the attic. This leaves the attic hot, and the heat may transfer to the rooms below. 

Install a whole house fan and it cools every part of the structure. This can lower the interior temperature of the home by as much as 30 degrees. This helps to keep energy costs low while allowing the residents to stay at a comfortable temperature. 

Fresh Air

Whole house fans operate by pulling hot air from the home and pushing it up into the attic. The flexible ducting attached to the fan connects to a centralized vent in the ceiling. This vent removes the hot air and brings cool air in through open windows in the home. This allows fresh air into the house while cooling it, rather than recirculating stale air throughout the home as an air conditioner does. 

Fresh air contains more oxygen than stale air, and humans need oxygen to live. In fact, the air in the earth’s atmosphere consists of 21 percent oxygen. The whole house fan helps to bring this oxygen-rich air into the home while removing any stuffiness. The air filled with carbon dioxide makes its way out through the centralized vent and the windows bring the fresh air into the house. Everyone living in the residence breathes easier thanks to the fan.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality remains a concern today, as people spend most of their time inside. They breathe in contaminants when doing so, as these contaminants circulate throughout the home every time the HVAC system is on. With the whole house fan, they breathe cleaner air, as it comes into the home from outdoors. 

People keep their homes closed up during the winter months. This allows pollutants to become trapped in the HVAC system, and these pollutants range from pet dander and odors to bacteria and allergens. The problem has increased over the years because homes have become more airtight. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency states indoor air can contain up to five times the pollutants found in outdoor air. 

Whole house fans help to remove these pollutants so the occupants of the home don’t breathe them in. In addition, the fan helps to prevent mold and mildew buildup, which can harm the health of the home’s occupants. 

An Environmentally Friendly Cooling Option

A whole house fan reduces a person’s overall energy usage, which lowers their carbon footprint. This makes the earth healthier. In addition, it extends the life of the HVAC system. As energy is used to make new systems, this reduced usage also benefits the planet. Many people overlook this when determining whether to buy a whole house fan, but it is one benefit they should consider. 

In fact, homeowners in certain climates find they no longer need to use the air conditioning system. The fan is enough to keep the home at a comfortable temperature all summer. Talk with the HVAC technician to learn if this may be the case where you live. 

Lower Energy Costs

Thirteen percent of a person’s energy bill goes to cooling the home. Installing a whole house fan helps reduce this number, which is of importance today. The only two things a person spends more on are heating the home and powering the various electronics families use today. 

With this fan in place, the HVAC system won’t run as often and operating the fan only costs pennies per hour. The homeowner won’t need to use it as often because it cools the home so quickly as well. A whole house fan is so effective in cooling the home you don’t need to run the air conditioner to remain comfortable. 

Additionally, as the HVAC system sees less use, it lasts longer. Homeowners know how costly it can be to replace this household system. They appreciate knowing they won’t have to do so as often thanks to the whole house fan taking on some or all of the burden of cooling the home. 

Never overlook the benefits of installing a whole house fan. Many homeowners find this is what they need to reduce their energy usage while keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. In addition, it becomes of excellent benefit when the power goes out, as it can bring the temperature down quickly when the power is restored. Anyone who has experienced an extended power outage knows how important this can be. Learn more today to see if this device is right for your home. Many homeowners will discover it is and make the purchase right away. 

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