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Warning Signs of Electrical Dangers that Need Immediate Attention

Do you know the warning signs of electrical dangers that could need immediate attention? Read on to find out more.

Assuming you know the answer to the problem is the best way to missing what the real electrical issue is in your home. When it comes to electrical problems in your home, some issues may seem small but many times if left unattended they can become big storms in your home’s weather forecast. Often your home electrical system will give early warning signs to let you know that little investigating is needed.

It’s easy to dismiss a flickering hall light or an old outlet that suddenly stops working. These kinds of minor problems are easy to adapt to, work around and eventually be forgotten. If an outlet stops working and it’s in a corner, you might move a piece of furniture in front of it and call it a day. If the hall-light flickers you might just stop using it and the next thing you know living without a working hall light is the new norm. Days get busy, weekends get busier and we put these home repair items on the back burner since they don’t seem like big issues in the beginning. Here’s the catch… these issues may be signs of bigger problems within your walls. Here’s a short list of electrical problems that you should fix immediately to avoid dangerous outcomes. Remember, electricity is no joke and definitely not something to be forgotten.

Dry, cool air and comfy carpet can do wonders for creating a little finger shock when you slide your feet across the room. Static electricity is generated when electrons leave your body to travel where there is an opposing charge. This is a different kind of electrical shock than the one you get from an appliance. Faulty wiring in an appliance or faulty ground wiring can have an effect on your appliances. If you receive an electrical shock from a home appliance you should unplug it immediately. If you receive multiple electric shocks from the same outlet or circuit this is a sign of a serious wiring issue and you should consult an electrician right away. There’s no sense in becoming toast when you’re trying to make a piece of toast.

Before you start conjuring up ideas of the paranormal and supernatural, not to discredit anyone who believes in that, you should consider looking into your electrical wiring. Flickering lights are often a sign that a fixture is loose and needs to be adjusted. If you do make the adjustment right away and the issue is solved, then odds are you’ve got nothing to worry about. If adjusting or tightening your fixture doesn’t stop the strobe light show then it is most likely a loose wiring issue. Loose wiring frequently leads to other issues depending on what part it is and its location within the walls of your home. You don’t want to sit on this issue because vulnerable wiring is susceptible to other variables such as moisture, weather, and being outdatedness. If you experience more than flickering lights with sags and dips in your power, it’s possible you could have extensive faulty wiring or your lifestyle may be surpassing the capacity of your home’s electrical system. Using more appliances and electrical appliances then was used when your home was built could mean it’s time for a full rewire or an electric panel upgrade.

With an increase in appliance use you could experience tripping with your circuit breakers. If your circuit breaker trips, see our video on how to reset it here. Spreading your home’s electrical needs around the house instead of drawing all electricity from one circuit can save your electrical system from exhaustion. However if your circuit breakers keep tripping, this is a sign that your electrical panel is weak. If you continue to strain it, you could cause overheating which can damage the system beyond your circuits. Working on an electrical panel requires knowledge and expertise. Even a simple mistake can be costly and dangerous, resulting in an electrical fire. It’s best to consult an electrician right away if you continue to experience overloads.

Overheating is an electrical problem that needs immediate attention. Smelling an odor from any outlet or switch suggests a faulty wire or a circuit overload that has possibly caused damage to your electrical system. You should take immediate action and cut the power to your electoral panel, or stop using any outlet a burning smell is emanating from. If the smell continues to worsen, you may want to call the fire department to ensure your safety and the safety of you home. You will also want to call an electrician at once to fix the root issue and stop it from getting worse. You need an experienced electrician to find out what is causing the burning and assess the state of your home’s electrical system. Hearing a frequent popping sound from your outlet or circuit box or experiencing sparks is an exclamation point that you need to address this issue NOW. Perhaps the trickiest thing about identifying problems with your electrical system is knowing where to begin.

Obviously cutting energy costs and using less electricity is good for the environment and your budget, but the reality of life in today’s world is that you need electricity each day. If you have an electrical issue don’t let the mystery go unsolved. Investigate to the best of your ability or call a professional to do it for you. A defective outlet shouldn’t get covered up by a decorative piece of furniture. Wiring is often the issue when it comes to a broken outlet. Anyone can accidentally pull a cord too hard and cause a plug to rip out of the wall and expose bad wiring.

It’s easy to let things go when you’re busy but that’s when the real damage can happen. From defective outlets to flickering lights or even repeat offending circuit breaker trips, these are electrical deficiencies in your home should not be ignored. Addressing these issues immediately will benefit not only the longevity of your home’s electrical system but is the best way to guarantee your safety. Accurate’s electricians are trained, licensed professionals that can answer all your questions and address your entire home’s electrical needs.