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What is included in an HVAC Service Appointment?

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Hiring a company for HVAC service can be a little nerve-wracking. Whether it’s your first time as a homeowner or using a new service company, if you don’t know the world of HVAC, you probably don’t know what you’re really getting.  

The technician shows up to your home, bangs around like a bear with pots and pans, opens a vent in your living room and then disappears for twenty minutes.  What are they doing to your house?!

Have no fear.  When you hire Accurate for HVAC maintenance or simply schedule an HVAC cleaning appointment, you get high-quality customer service that focuses on a detailed procedure striving to maximize efficiency out of your heating and cooling system.  We’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing and if you want to learn more about your HVAC system, we’re more than happy to share our seasoned knowledge.

We know your home is your safe haven and inviting us in can sometimes feel like a dentist appointment.  You’re not sure what’s going to happen and the entire time can feel like forever while you cross your fingers for not-so-bad news.  We sincerely mean no disrespect to dentists and we’re always happy to provide our HVAC service to them as well.


If something doesn’t seem right or you’re simply being responsible and scheduling HVAC services for preventative maintenance, our technicians have a game plan they can share with you before they even bring in their tools.  Our dialogue with customers is important. You’re spending money for our services and we want you to know exactly what you’re getting.

Accurate HVAC service appointments focus on obtaining the most efficiency out of your heating and air conditioning system.  In order to get there, we start by doing a walk-thru of the unique layout of your property. We take temperature reads in different areas of your home to try to understand how your unit is functioning.  We’ll locate your vents, investigate your ductwork layout and from there examine the circulation value of your system. We record our readings, we test your refrigerant levels, and we’ll investigate your outdoor unit as well as the electrical controls and settings.  

If we do find an issue we’ll let you know right away and talk you through what it means.  Obviously, your home is your domain and you know it better than anyone else, so we’ll ask you to let us know what you think isn’t right.  Don’t worry, Accurate has been servicing LA County and Orange County for decades and we’ve seen a lot. We’ll work with you to discover the issue and come up with a solution or let you know what can be done right away and what can wait a little bit.  Our goal is to make sure there is no malfunction, and if there is, we’ll fix it immediately so we can leave you feeling comfortable without having to make a second trip.


An Accurate HVAC maintenance appointment is similar to a service call.  The maintenance appointment is like a routine trip to your auto mechanic.  We have a checklist and multiple tests we’ll perform to ensure everything is doing exactly what it should be to perform at the highest efficiency.  

These appointments last about an hour, depending on the set-up of your system.  If we do find something out of the ordinary, we always come prepared to repair it right then and there.  Usually, you only see us for a short amount of time depending on the repair, but don’t worry we’ll be quick and tidy and leave your home clean.  We always take our mess with us so you won’t even know we were there.

Our HVAC maintenance starts with a walk-thru so we can understand how your system integrates itself within your home.

Then we will complete the following:

  • We replace your air filter, which should routinely be done four times a year.
  • We check the thermostat to ensure temperature messages and controls are being relayed to your unit properly, with no interference. 
  • We check all the moving parts and components within your heating and air conditioning system.
  • We lubricate any moving components if needed to make the actual mechanics run smooth.
  • We measure the voltage while inspecting the electrical connections and settings. 
  • We confirm that gas connections are intact, calibrate any controls that may need simple adjusting (which is not limited to your thermostat), and then we examine your condenser.  
  • We make sure the condenser is properly draining.  With some homes, depending on your plumbing, air conditioning systems have your condensers drain directly into a convenient area that you may not think is necessarily associated with your HVAC system.  For example, some smaller homes or apartments may have a condenser drain into the same drainpipe as your bathroom sink.
  • We may politely ask you if it’s okay for us to move a few things in order to access something if we need to investigate, but we promise we’ll ask first.  It’s important to make sure there are no clogged drains so your condenser doesn’t leak into your walls or structure.

Finally, once all mechanics, readings, and ventilation have been calibrated, we’ll conduct a repair assessment.  Remember, routine maintenance will help avoid any type of repairs and increase the longevity of your HVAC system.  Los Angeles County and Orange County weather can make you run your air conditioner high during the summer, so it’s always a good idea to have your unit ready for the heat.


What Is An HVAC Service Appointment | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air

Cleaning your HVAC system isn’t as simple as vacuuming out your air ducts.  When you clean your kitchen you don’t just wipe down your counters with a little Windex and say ‘done’…  we hope.

There are many components that need to be addressed with an HVAC cleaning and when you hire Accurate we make sure to get them all.  Here are all of the components that we clean:

Intake, air handler, coils, grilles, fans, motors, registers, housings, air filter, drain pan, air plenum, and heat exchanger.

Each property or home we clean is unique with its own layout.  Depending on the makeup of the property, we may need to access various vents, ducts, and openings to ensure your entire HVAC system is cleaned.  We also do this to properly safeguard against any contaminants penetrating your home and assure proper removal if needed.

The main goal in our HVAC cleaning service is to rid your entire system of contaminants and debris and then properly dispose of them.  We use agitation devices in order to loosen these contaminants and debris from surfaces. We also constantly run a vacuum system throughout the cleaning process to collect these contaminants right away as they break off surfaces and are extracted from crevices.   These agitation devices may include vacuums, air nozzles, brushes, and air whips.  

A real HVAC cleaning is making sure every part of your system is cleaned so that your home receives the best quality air and proper airflow.  Our Accurate team has been ridding Southern California homes of debris, dust, contaminated particles, and rodent remains for years. We do this in a proactive, environmentally friendly way and we’ll let you know exactly what we’re doing when we get to your home.

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