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What To Do If There Is An Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are serious trouble because they can come out of nowhere fast. Not that you’d rather have a different kind of fire in your home, obviously nobody wants a fire unless it involves camping and smores, but electrical fires are not always in plain sight as a burning couch would be.

What To Do If There Is An Electrical Fire | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air
Like a cigarette butt in a dried-out forest, electrical fires can sometimes startup with no identifiable source. There could be flaws or defects in appliances, appliance cords, switches or even electrical outlets. Running electrical cords under rugs or leaving appliances plugged in all the time can be risky. It’s also possible with new appliances you’ve never used before that faulty cords or wiring can project heat unexpectedly causing combustion. If you have old, outdated electrical wiring in your home you are always at risk for the unexpected.

The most important thing to remember if there is an electrical fire is to NOT pour water or use water in any way to put out the fire. Electricity can travel through water so you run the risk of getting electrocuted. If that happens you could go unconscious or worse and the fire could spread fast, endangering your entire family.

You need to call 911 right away because fires are unpredictable and depending on what other variables are in your home there’s no telling what could ignite or spread the fire and how fast it will. Consider the fire department as your ultimate backup but you should always call backup even if you want to take the fight on yourself.

What To Do If There Is An Electrical Fire | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air
One of the best things to have available in your home for multiple safety reasons is an A-B-C fire extinguisher. This is a special extinguisher that is effective against combustible materials, flammable liquids, and electrical equipment. These kinds of extinguishers can definitely save your life and your home and you don’t run the risk of getting electrocuted like you would with a bucket of water.

If you have access, you can turn off the power to your electrical system. You would want to turn off the power to your breaker box specifically if the source is sparking or the flame has spread. If the fire ignited through bad wiring on an appliance, simply unplugging the appliance could end up lighting you up like a Christmas Tree and then it’s game over.

You could use a fire blanket to smother the fire but you should only do this if you turned off the power to your breaker box. Using a fire blanket early on can help deter the fire from damaging other items and things inside your home. However, remember that if the situation has too many question marks, don’t risk getting close to the source for fear of electrocution or catching fire.

The best way thing to do if there is an electrical fire is to prevent the actual fire before it even happens. A professionally trained electrician will be able to check your home system to see if you are at risk or not. Accurate’s electricians have an immense amount of knowledge and experience they will use to make sure your home, and your family, is safe.

Remember to never overload outlets, keep your electrical system clear of debris and do whatever it takes to stop power surges. Make sure all your home’s electrical work is completed by a licensed electrician. It’s good to be proactive and knowledgeable about all things electric in order to play it safe. Accurate plays safe and we are here to help.