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Why Healthy Indoor Air Quality Is Important And How To Improve It

Heating and cooling professionals discuss air quality with property owners during inspections and seasonal maintenance services. Improved air quality can lower health risks to property owners and their families, and the cleaner air can cut down on illnesses. 

HVAC professionals can follow a full checklist of steps for improving air quality during maintenance services. The service providers can also provide recommendations for the owners to follow to manage air quality between these services. By reviewing all the ways to improve air quality, homeowners can find better ways to improve their health and eliminate harmful substances from the home effectively.  

Schedule Seasonal Cleaning Services For HVAC

At the beginning of each season, the property owner should set up seasonal cleaning services for heating and cooling units. HVAC professionals will open the entire system and clean the components with appropriate chemicals to remove all allergens, dust, contaminants, and pollutants.

The services are completed for interior and exterior units to increase airflow and prevent any debris from spreading through the home when the unit is turned on. Seasonal cleaning is a part of HVAC maintenance, and the earlier the owners set up the services, the better their systems will run, and the air quality will improve.  

Keep Air Filters Changed Properly

HVAC maintenance instructions define how often most owners should change out their air filters. However, owners with pets and a higher volume of dust in the home need to change out the air filters more than once a month. Pet hair and dander can get sucked up into the units and spread throughout the home. The owner must also use the appropriate air filter size for their systems. An HVAC technician can measure the unit if the owner doesn’t know the correct size.  

Install An Air Purifier In The Home

An air purifier or cleaner is a beneficial installation that can control impurities in the air. Property owners get recommendations for the systems from HVAC professionals according to the size of the home and how much dust accumulates in the living spaces. 

These installations will also have an air filter that must be cleaned out at regular intervals to keep the product working as expected. Studies show that homes that have an air cleaner stay cleaner and won’t present owners with a higher frequency of allergy symptoms.

An HVAC professional can also explain all maintenance tasks for the units to retain coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty. Service providers can help homeowners find a unit that meets their household needs and their budgets.  

Deep Clean The Flooring 

All properties should undergo a deep cleaning service at least once every three months. The services include deep cleaning the flooring, and carpet can allow debris to build up and cause a multitude of air quality issues.

Shampooing or steam cleaning carpets is a great way to lift and remove debris that is deep inside the fibers, and property owners who have pets may need to set up the services more often to manage pet odors. Deep cleaning can also maintain the flooring and prevent the owner from facing repairs or replacement requirements prematurely.  

Groom Your Pets

When addressing indoor air quality, pets are a common culprit for unpleasant and unwanted smells. While pet owners love their fur babies, the pets can develop foul smells if their coat becomes dirty. Dander can also get all over the property and decrease the air quality. 

When reviewing options for improving the air quality, many HVAC professionals explain that frequent pet grooming can manage unwanted smells and control dander. The pets will also feel better, face fewer instances of skin irritation, and stay on a flea and tick program more effectively. Dogs are more likely to develop smells faster since the pets travel in and out of the property more often for potty requirements.  

Keep Porches And Decks Cleaned

During the spring, pollen will cover everything, including automobiles, decks, and porches. As the owner travels in and out of their home, pollen can attach to their clothing and shoes and get tracked into the home. Regular porch and deck cleaning services can help the owners lower the amount of pollen that gets into the home.

By controlling the allergens more effectively, the owners experience fewer allergy symptoms and enjoy spring more. Pollen is among the most common allergens found in HVAC systems, too, and more frequent system cleanings in the spring could improve indoor air quality dramatically. 

Place Live Plants In The Home

Live plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release higher volumes of oxygen. Homeowners who have live plants in the home can improve air quality quickly since there are higher volumes of oxygen in the indoor air. 

When choosing live plants for the home, studies show that greenery is a better choice since the plants do not have blooms. Flowers are more likely to spread allergens in the air, and some of the flowering plants are not safe selections for indoor use. Some plants are also dangerous for pets.  

Where To Get HVAC Services

At Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating and Air, we provide exceptional heating, cooling, and ventilation services for all property owners in our service area. Our HVAC technicians are trained to complete inspections, repairs, maintenance, and new installations for all models of heating and cooling systems. Property owners who need to set up services get started by contacting us today for an appointment. 

Poor air quality can lead to serious health risks for property owners and their families. Allergens, contaminants, and pollutants are the most common culprits for poor air quality, and property owners can follow many steps to improve their living spaces. If the owner has pets, grooming services can control dander and pet hair that attribute to foul smells and debris in the air. Full seasonal cleaning for the heating and cooling system can also eliminate unwanted debris. 

HVAC professionals can provide homeowners with a full checklist of tasks to control air quality and make the home more inviting. By learning about improving air quality, the owners can maintain their living spaces and get more enjoyment from their homes.