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Why Zone Control is Saving Homeowners Money

Extreme temperatures can be big trouble for fashion. How many different outfits do you have for your home? You probably have that sweatshirt and legging outfit including a side blanket for the drafty living room, a tank top and gym shorts for the bedroom since it’s hotter than a steel foundry, and you wear your best-layered outfits when you plan on visiting multiple rooms in your house. Dealing with imbalanced temperatures is annoying. Someone is always hot and someone is always cold and it seems impossible to get the house temperature somewhere in between.

A Zone Control System has changed everything and will help you with home comfort. Zone Control System HVAC options are allowing grandmothers, uncles, cold-blooded family members, and couples control the main areas of the house by zoning different temperatures. With a Zone Control System you can control your thermostat, a control panel and electronic dampers to assign different temperature zones within your house. Not only does this make everyone happy in their own area of the home, but more importantly it saves you a great deal of money.

Energy Savings

By using an HVAC Zone Control System you can schedule temperature changes throughout the day and have detailed control over the different areas you want heated or cooled. When a normal Heating System, Air Conditioner or Central Air system is programmed to reach a certain temperature, the system has to work until the entire house has distributed that air efficiently. You may be only using one room, but you are paying for the whole house to be heated. That doesn’t even make sense.

You can cut back on heating and cooling expenses by eliminating unnecessary energy usage. Zone heating also helps with hot and cold spots in your home, so instead of heating your entire home and still having to deal with that one cold room that never seems to warm up, you can pinpoint certain areas without having to waste all of that energy. Even temperature distribution allows the Zone Control System to run efficiently and you save more money on your energy bills. This way if you are spending more time in one room, you are only paying for the energy used in that room. Zone Control Systems are for homeowners that like logic and control… it just makes sense.

System Longevity

While normal heating systems and cooling systems utilize your ductwork to cover the entire house, Zone Control Systems can be installed retroactively within any home to fit the unique configuration or ventilation system of that property. Wireless HVAC Zone Control Systems are also available upon installation. With this technology you can increase the longevity of your Heating System and Cooling system. Your air-conditioner won’t run as hard all the time and your heater won’t have to work as much, which means less component failures and less repairs. Accurate always encourages preventative maintenance and routine check-up programs to keep your systems healthy and sharp, but with a Zone Control System you can rest easy on potential breakdowns being a regular occurrence. You will add years to your system, which will save you and your bank account in the long run.

Life Balance

Modern technology is advancing at an incredible rate. With all the options of living healthy and an increase in many options for living efficiently, a Zone Control System offers system balance and is a key characteristic of living in a smart home. With even temperature distribution you can forget the puffy sweatshirts and pile of blankets, and relieve the army of oscillating fans unless it’s what you prefer. As technology offers healthier ways to distribute air within your home, the future also offers systematic advances that allow you to live in balance and reduce your carbon footprint all with a lower monthly energy payment.

Call your local Accurate and speak with our HVAC professionals in Los Angeles County and Orange County to tell you more. You have plenty of options.