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Your HVAC System Could Be Making Your Home Dusty

Does your home seem overwhelmingly dusty these days?  When the Pledge is running dry, and it seems like you are going through swiffer packs like a kleenex box during pollen season, there is more at play than just spring.  When dust is between piano keys, behind the television, your lampshades have hints of lint, the bookshelves with new books are already looking old and your kitchen has a glaze of winter, it’s a safe bet your HVAC system is causing this mess.

If your cleaning habits have increased and the amount of dust accumulating is even more, it’s time to take strategic action. The actual term ‘Dirty Thirties’ refers to the 1930s Dust Bowl in the United States, but we’ve come along way since then. It’s completely possible your cat or dog has sabotaged your vacuum cleaner but honestly here’s why your HVAC system is to blame for making your home extra dusty:

Ductwork Leaks

When there are leaks or cracks in your ductwork, outside air unpredictably can flow in at ease.  Depending on the geographical makeup of your neighborhood, you may experience more wind than some other homes.  Regardless, air will seep through and when it does it can get sucked into your ventilation when you use your HVAC system.  Outside air carries pollens, pollutants, debris and dust that can all build up really fast if you don’t find the leaks and patch them. This dirty air will enter your main ventilation and make its way throughout your home.

Air Duct Cleaning

If your air ducts haven’t been cleaned for some time or you do have leakage issues, a debris buildup can happen fast.  Think of a big pile of sand sitting on your kitchen table with a ceiling fan above it. Every time you turn on your ceiling fan what do you think the sand on your kitchen table will do?  Dirty ducts circulate all of the air throughout your home when you use your heater or air conditioning. If it seems dust is accumulating more than usual, think about how often you’ve been using your HVAC system.  The source could be coming from directly outside if there are leaks, but if you haven’t had an air duct cleaning for some time, dirty air is already in your home and circulating at will.

Failing Filtration

If your filters are failing or you use an unreliable brand, dirty air can be a result of this.  You should be changing your filters regularly with the changing of the seasons and at least quarterly through the year.  Depending on the weather and what part of Southern California you live in, winds and dry air can also make a difference.

Dirty air filters can bog down your HVAC system by causing it to work harder than it has to in order to meet the temperature demands from your thermostat. This strains your unit and will also increase your energy bills every month.  Don’t pay extra while you are spending your spare time dusting!

If you haven’t cleaned your air ducts or you do have leaks, the dirty air could be coming from a lack of clean filtration on your HVAC system. Remember that filters, air ducts, and vents are all part of your HVAC system.  

Dusty Neighborhood Location 

Some homeowners are lucky enough to be weather forgiving areas of Southern California.  In Los Angeles County and Orange County, there are also areas that get plenty of wind whether it comes in from the ocean or off the foothills of the mountains.  All of the air outside contains debris, dust, and particles from the natural environment. Not all of these belong in your home.

Think about the general area where your home is located and the sides of your home that get most of the wind and weather action.  Are there outside vents opening to those areas? Do you have trees or small habitats that are inviting for critters and their critter friends to live? Scheduling an air duct cleaning might help you get a piece of mind if you haven’t lately. There has been plenty of rain already in 2019 and if there has been moisture build up you will also want to avoid any mildew or mold getting into your home’s air.

HVAC Maintenance Needed

Does it get dusty every other day when you know quite well that your filters are clean and your leaks are patched?  It’s probably time to have a professional see what’s happening under the hood. If you are running your HVAC system and your cleaning activity has reached Olympic level, the only other answer for all the dust could be a much-needed maintenance appointment on your heating and air system.  A professional can always get into the places that are difficult if you don’t have HVAC experience or know how to service your system. Our Accurate team can help you with finding out what or who is to blame for all the dust. We’ve been working on Southern California HVAC systems for years and we know that it’s highly unlikely your dirty air is only an inside job by your dog or cat.

Los Angeles County and Orange County are unique with all the automobiles we have and the exhaust we are susceptible to in our environment.  If you have asthma, allergies, or think your air quality isn’t what it should be, call us at Accurate. We can help you find a solution and get rid of all of your dust problems.  Even if you are in your thirties, they don’t have to be your dirty thirties.