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Why Buying a Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle is a Smart Move: Unlock Savings with SCE’s Rebate Program & Home Charging Solutions by Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air

Embracing the Future with Smart Choices

In an era where environmental consciousness and financial savvy are paramount, Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air is thrilled to share why purchasing a pre-owned electric vehicle (EV) isn’t just a trend, but a smart and sustainable decision. And with Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Pre-Owned EV Rebate Program, coupled with our specialized home EV charger installation services, going electric has never been easier or more appealing.


A Chance to Save and Convenient Charging

Customers considering a pre-owned electric vehicle have a fantastic opportunity to save significantly and enjoy the convenience of home charging. SCE’s Pre-Owned EV Rebate Program is a game-changer, and when you add the ease of home charging installation by Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air, the benefits multiply.


What to Know: SCE’s Attractive Rebate Program

SCE’s Pre-Owned EV Rebate Program offers up to $4,000 in rebates for customers who purchase or lease a used EV. This initiative is part of SCE’s commitment to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credit Program, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promoting clean transportation fuels.


Home Charging: The Ultimate Convenience

As an expert in electrical solutions, Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air offers professional installation of home EV chargers. This service not only adds convenience to your daily routine but also increases your property value. Our team ensures safe, efficient, and quick installation, tailored to meet your specific needs.


Why It Matters: More Than Just Savings

The advantages of buying secondhand extend to more than just monetary savings. SCE’s program, combined with our home charging solutions, offers several key benefits:


  1. Cost-Effective: Save on fuel, maintenance, and charging costs.
  2. Environmental Impact: Reduce your carbon footprint significantly.
  3. Supporting Clean Energy Goals: Help California achieve its clean energy targets.
  4. Home Charging: Enjoy the ease and convenience of charging your EV at home.


A Win-Win for Everyone

Choosing a pre-owned electric vehicle, leveraging SCE’s Rebate Program, and installing a home EV charger from Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air is a comprehensive approach to sustainable living. It’s a decision that benefits you, the environment, and the state of California.


We at Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air support this initiative and are ready to help you transition smoothly into the world of electric vehicles.



Join the Movement: Embrace the Future with a Pre-Owned EV and Home Charging


For more insights and tips on sustainable living and to learn more about our home EV charger installation services, stay tuned to our blog!



*Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air is committed to providing expert advice and solutions for a sustainable and efficient lifestyle. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your journey towards a greener future.*

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