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Air Conditioners That Improve Air Quality

All families need a healthier living environment within their homes, and their indoor air quality can affect not only their health but also their heating and cooling systems. Routine maintenance services, new air conditioners, and even simple tasks improve the air quality and give the family a healthier and cleaner home. HVAC professionals offer helpful advice about indoor air quality, and they frequently recommend more modern air conditioning systems that help achieve the owner’s objectives.  

Keep Air Filters Cleaner

Air filters capture dirt, dust, and debris and keep these substances out of the air conditioner and the indoor air. Property owners often forget to change out their air filters, and experts recommend replacing the air filters once a month for maximum benefits. Dirty air filters cause clogs inside the unit and prevent clean air from circulating in the home. Speak to the professionals at Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air and find out about improving air quality. 

Install a New Air Conditioner

A new air conditioner gives the homeowner a fresh start, and the upgraded system gives them improved air quality. More modern air conditioners have better air filters and filtration systems to pull particles from the air and stop them from circulating everywhere. During the air conditioning installation, the technicians clean out the space where the new system goes, and they won’t leave any dirt or dust behind. 

HVAC technicians show the client a full catalog of air conditioning units that meet the homeowner’s needs. The service providers complete estimates for any unit of interest and find systems that the customer can afford. If the homeowner needs financing, the technicians present them with different payment structures that are affordable and give property owners faster access to a new AC system. 

If the homeowner needs a new AC, the technicians help them find the best size for their home. They start by finding the total BTUs required for cooling the home. Technicians find the area of each living area and multiply the area by 25 BTUs. The service provider adds up the total BTUs for each living space to find the best AC for their customer and completes the air conditioning installation.

Install an Air Cleaner

HVAC professionals recommend air scrubbers to keep the indoor air cleaner and eliminate pathogens, contaminants, and allergens. Many households include small children, and if they are attending school, they will get exposed to germs. An air cleaner filters the germs out of the air and lowers the frequency of household illnesses. Following measures to improve indoor air quality helps families stay healthier, and the air conditioner will perform better. 

Air cleaners are wonderful products for homeowners or families that have allergies or respiratory conditions. All the family must do is change the air filter on the air cleaner to get the maximum results, and they often see a significant reduction in their symptoms. Everyone will breathe easier if the air is cleaner and particles don’t get in their way. 

Set Up Seasonal Cleaning Before the Season Starts

Air conditioners require routine maintenance to improve performance and prevent system failures. Seasonal cleaning services are a must for all air conditioners, and homeowners should set up the services before they turn on the AC for the season. Technicians clean out the entire system to remove debris, dust, and particles and improve air quality and circulation. 

HVAC professionals open up the inside and outside units to remove everything that has accumulated between seasons. Leaves and cut grass are likely to become trapped inside the exterior unit if it is close to the lawn or landscaping. Some property owners need to transfer their exterior units onto concrete slabs to reduce the debris accumulation and keep the unit cleaner. 

Deep Clean Carpets Twice a Year

Dust, dirt, and particles become trapped in carpet fibers, and unpleasant smells in the carpet could become overwhelming. Even with daily vacuuming, the homeowner cannot get all the particles out of their carpet and keep the indoor air as clean as it could be. HVAC professionals recommend having the carpeting deep cleaned at least twice a year. Studies show that a professional deep cleaning lifts more particles and eliminates debris that could lead to mold in the flooring. If the homeowner has pets, they might want to schedule deep cleanings more often to control dander and pet smells.  

Let Some Fresh Air In 

In the spring, homeowners can open up the doors and windows and let some fresh air into the home. The temperatures are milder and won’t make the family uncomfortable without climate control. It’s important to get fresh air into the home to improve air quality and force stagnant air out of the home. If a family member has been ill, opening the doors and windows forces germs out of the air and introduces fresher and cleaner air into the property. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air from time to time to feel better and stay healthier. Take advantage of the nice weather to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Have Your Home Deep Cleaned At Least Three Times a Year

No matter how well the homeowner cleans their property, they cannot get everything cleaned daily. HVAC experts recommend a major deep clean for the entire property, and if the owner sets up a professional cleaning, they don’t have to take on the task themselves or overburden their family. 

After professional cleanings, the home smells fresh, and the family enjoys a healthier living environment. The frequency at which the owner chooses to get their home clean directly affects the air quality and how efficiently their air conditioning system operates. A cleaner property can maximize the lifespan of the AC and give the homeowner and their family many more years of reliable cooling services.  

Where to Get HVAC Services 

At Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating and Air, we provide superior heating, cooling, and plumbing services for all property owners in our service area. Our licensed and trained HVAC professionals manage everything from inspections to installing new heating and cooling systems. Find out more about improving your air quality by setting up an appointment.