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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Outdoor Lighting

Well-planned outdoor lighting arrays can dramatically improve the curb appeal of any Glendora home. They can showcase families’ favorite landscaping plants, provide lighting for outdoor kitchens, highlight unique architectural features, improve the property’s security, and welcome guests into the foyer no matter the time of night. It’s important to get every aspect of the installation right, though, which is where expert electrical contractors come in.

Outdoor Lighting Improves Both Curb Appeal and Home Security

Well-lit yards with illuminated doorways form a perfect deterrent to burglars looking for easy targets. Home intruders usually look for dimly lit entryways that don’t have easy sightlines from the road or neighbors’ houses, making it easier for them to break in without getting caught. Landscape lighting will make the home a less appealing target.

Many homeowners seeking to improve the security of their properties install motion-sensor lights near main entryways, side doors, and outbuildings to deter unsavory characters. Properly positioned landscape lighting can also illuminate dark areas of the yard, eliminating shadows that intruders could use to hide. The best part is, outdoor lighting also makes homes look safer and more secure, improving their curb appeal and creating a more welcoming impression to guests invited to the home.

In addition to deterring unwanted visitors, a well-designed landscape lighting array will make it look more appealing to invited guests. If they arrive after dark, they’ll be greeted with a beautiful tableau of light instead of a darkened lawn. Smart homeowners also place outdoor lights near their driveways and along paths to the main entryway to help residents and guests navigate the yard safely.

The best part about all of these changes is that they offer just as many aesthetic benefits as they do practical ones. There’s no need to use harsh lighting or illuminate every corner of the yard. Homeowners can use downlights, cross lighting, and other techniques to add visual interest and highlight their favorite landscaping features, creating a stunning, cohesive nighttime tableau.

Where to Install Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners who want to plan their own landscape lighting designs have a ton of leeway. There are hundreds of products available, and many of them are tailored to unique uses. Here are a few of the most popular options installed by today’s residential electric services:

Highlight the Entryway

A well-lit entryway will improve both the home’s curb appeal and the safety of any guests who arrive after dark. Try placing stylish wall lights on either side of the door or installing a stunning lantern above the threshold. As long as the fixtures are designed for outdoor use, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing styles, materials, and colors.

Provide Pathway Lighting

Outdoor pathway lighting is important not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons. It’s always best to install hardwired lights. The solar lanterns available at most garden stores aren’t as bright and they won’t work after a series of cloudy days or last as long as hard-wired alternatives.

Use Post Lights

A pair of post lights make the perfect addition to any front yard with a wide or long walkway. Try placing them at the end of the driveway where guests begin their trek up to the home for optimal effect. Post lights can be used in both modern and traditional landscape designs.

Highlight Architectural Features

Cross lighting is a perfect technique for highlighting a home’s unique architectural features. It conveys a softer, subtler look with fewer shadows. Although it can be difficult to position the lights just right, it’s worth the effort. Those looking for a simpler solution can also use uplights to showcase the home’s most interesting architectural features after the sun goes down.

Create a Moonlight Effect

Using downlights installed high in trees or on structures creates a beautiful effect that simulates natural moonlight. It’s a great technique for illuminating yards without creating a stark effect and, if done correctly, looks almost natural instead of man-made.

Use Shadow to Create Focal Points

Leaving areas of shadow throughout the landscape can dramatically increase visual interest even in comparatively mundane yards. It’s a great way to enhance curb appeal at night while waiting for landscaping features to mature. Use areas of light to create focal points throughout the yard while keeping others in shadow for maximum effect.

Silhouette Landscaping Features

If there are particularly beautiful trees, shrubs, topiaries, statues, or hardscaping features in the yard, they’ll look fantastic silhouetted by landscaping lights. Don’t rush out to buy expensive statues, though. Even a uniquely shaped bush can create a visually interesting silhouette.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Now that homeowners have an idea of how to create the perfect outdoor lighting design, it’s time to talk about safety. The most important factor is whether homeowners work with a licensed electrician who knows the basics about how to install landscape lights, but here are a few other tips that could help:

  • Choose weather-resistant fixtures and bulbs
  • Use LED lights near plants and other combustible materials
  • Hardwire all the lights instead of running extension cords
  • Never put off needed electrical repair
  • Install GFCI outlets in moisture-prone areas that could be exposed to rain
  • Provide routine professional electrical maintenance

Set the lights on a timer to avoid creating tripping hazards for guests or keep them running automatically when the family is out of town

Never attempt to install complex fixtures without professional help

Working with electricity is dangerous in any context. An improperly installed outdoor lighting fixture can pose a fire risk to residents even well after the installation has been completed, and homeowners without dedicated experience in the field run the risk of electrocution if they work on their own lights. It’s always better to hire an experienced electrician.

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