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It’s Time to Install a New AC Unit

For over twenty years, Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Air has provided expert HVAC service to the residents of Glendora, CA. Offering air conditioning repair, replacement, and new installation, the licensed contracting team strives to give customers a stress-free experience on every project. With honesty and integrity, the technicians provide upfront pricing on each project with a guarantee that no hidden costs or extra fees will surface once everything is complete.

Bring Temperatures Down as the Heat Rises

The mild climate around Glendora, CA allowed people to build homes without air conditioning systems for many decades. As the average daily temperature has slowly risen for several years, many homeowners have begun pondering air conditioning installation for the first time. Fortunately, Accurate has knowledgeable technicians who can evaluate the size, layout, and cooling needs of a home to determine which AC make and model will serve the household best.

Finding the Best Route for Cool Air

During the evaluation and quote process, the technician will study the home’s floor plan to determine the duct size to install and the path it needs to follow. If heating ducts already exist, the technician will evaluate the layout’s efficiency and note anything that must be retrofitted to connect to the new unit. If the technician notes that ducts need replacing or should run differently, the homeowner will be made aware of the situation to decide what they want to do before the quote is finalized.

Equalize Uneven Household Temperatures

Of course, not all installations involve a central air system that services an entire house. Homeowners who only want air conditioning in part of their home can opt for a split or packaged unit that targets specific areas. These work great for areas of limited airflow that can benefit from a cooling system to keep them in line with the rest of the home.

Pamper a New Air Conditioner to Keep it Running Smoothly

Even after the installation of a new AC unit, homeowners should not neglect its care. Through the maintenance program available at Accurate, customers can receive a seasonal tune-up on their entire air conditioning system before the heat of summer hits. Early each spring, a technician will visit to clean out dust and debris from the unit, lubricate all moving parts, check and top off Freon, replace the filter, test the thermostat, and confirm the circulating air temperature. This process increases the efficiency of the air handling system, produces better air circulation, and extends the air conditioner’s overall life span.

Eliminate Excess Contaminants From Circulating

As air conditioner maintenance helps improve the air circulation, duct cleaning will drastically improve the quality of air the household is breathing. Since the air ducts run in long, unbroken sections, it is literally impossible for homeowners to clean them. Over time, dirt and dust settle in unreachable areas and are gradually blown out of the registers, a problematic situation for people with respiratory issues. Accurate’s team has the appropriate tools and training to clean out the entire duct system without damaging any ductwork or simply pushing the debris to the far, out of site corners. Without this debris, air will flow smoothly without reintroducing contaminants to the indoor atmosphere.

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Want to install a new AC unit that keeps the whole house cool? Homeowners in Glendora, California can trust the professionals at Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating and Air to handle the job. If you need to improve your air conditioning system or install new AC all together, then give Accurate a call at (800) 947-1747 to learn more.