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Local Charity Donations

Giving Back to Local Charities | Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air

Here at Accurate, we have always been about community and family. We are a family-owned company that puts family values first. One of those values that are especially important to us is giving back to our community. We appreciate the community that we have built our company in and we are grateful that we are able to return the favor.

So we had an idea. Why not let the community decide who gets our donations?

And it was decided… we will let the community members nominate local charities that are important to them. Then we will have the entire community vote on who will get the donations.

In the form below, you have the opportunity to nominate your favorite charity, the charity that you believe is having the biggest impact in the community and world right now. Then we will be taking the top 10 most submitted charities and giving you the opportunity to vote.

We are so excited for this opportunity to partner not only with wonderful charities but also the opportunity to partner with our community in bringing more positivity to the world around us.

Nominate Your Favorite Charity

    Nominate Your Favorite Charity