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The Benefits Of Using Solar Power


Sometimes change can be overwhelming. Moving can be horrific for some (we know who we are) because it forces us to deal things with things we don’t want to think about. You’ve probably got a few boxes stored away that are doing just fine collecting dust without you having to sift through them. But what if you didn’t have to worry about that storage room and you could use the extra space for something else instead of your sentimental junk? Do you like money? Because that’s where we’re going with this.

Solar Power is the future and the future is already happening. Heck, even professional sports stadiums around the U.S. are using solar power. One to name is the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Stadium, which actually has around 11,000 panels. Our own Staples Center currently has over 1,700 active solar panels on top of its roof. Don’t fret, you don’t need to be a rich sports team fat cat to invest in solar energy, you just need to know why it’s incredibly intelligent to do so. For starters, you live in one of the sunniest states in the country.

Every year homeowners pay thousands of dollars for energy to keep their homes running smoothly and so they can live comfortably. Utility companies have us under their thumb because if they decide to raise rates we pay, pay, pay. Yet solar power benefits can greatly decrease your energy bills even if you don’t use solar energy the entire year. Electricity prices can always fluctuate and it can be a pain to budget for the year thinking about what’s to come. Electrical prices will continue to rise but you can rest easy on the notion that your solar panels will be a fixed amount and in the years to come you’ll be saving even more money than you would be paying to your utility company.


Obviously, you’ll need to purchase solar panels and have them installed but you will start to see savings immediately. Depending on the size of your home and what amenities you have will determine on how many solar panels you’ll need. Accurate can help consult you on what you’ll need. Your return on investment won’t be realized right away but over a short span of time you will notice an immense difference in what you are paying out for energy.

If you ever decide to sell your home you can also bank on your solar power investment to increase your property value. In the state of California where homes sell for big money, appraisers will take into account the fact that you have solar paneling and as the market for solar power continues to expand so will the desire to have it. Maybe you will even sift through all those boxes and move into a place that has solar energy!


Besides saving money, using solar energy is also lifting a burden off the environment. You are improving your own carbon footprint by eliminating emissions and in Southern California, we know pollution all too well. If you are a small business owner or say, the Philadelphia Eagles, you can definitely make a name for yourself as being a “green” business setting corporate practice standards by emphasizing your role in sustainability. Using solar power sets an example for the market, it enhances the culture within your own company and you can humbly brag that you’re independently powering your own business.

Whether you use solar power for your home or your workplace, cutting your energy costs and giving back to the environment is a win-win. You’ll be able to invest your money into other things either at home, at work or wherever you want… after all, it’s your money. You’ll set the tone for both your neighborhood and business market, and then maybe you can figure out what to do with all that storage space once and for all.