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Why Customers Always Come First

Jeff with his wife LeAnne and their four sons.

When Jeff Seale had been working as an electrician in the 1990s he noticed a dysfunctional industry in Southern California.  There was a disconnection between homeowners and electrical contractors. Repairs and service calls seemed less than complete when homeowners would often be left with unanswered questions or in doubt about the work completed inside their own house. Electrical contractors and technicians would make repairs, rewire systems, and more but there was little to no communication and a lack of customer service effort.

Jeff became an electrician in 1989.  He’s also been a family man for over 25 years.  As a professional electrician, a father, and a husband, he valued the idea of serving families like his own.  His emphasis in the home services industry was to extend quality work beyond the toolbox and the 9-5 business hours to provide exceptional customer service. Jeff wanted families to know exactly what they were getting and every detail of the kind of work being performed inside their homes.

Like so many repairs he had made in the field, Jeff sought to rewire the entire customer service system for electricians, as well as plumbers and HVAC technicians.  This was the inspiration for creating Accurate Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air. Since 2005, Jeff has been growing his team of professionals with a family-oriented culture and a small business mindset.  Jeff’s message to you, as his customer and Southern California neighbor, is when you choose Accurate you get dependability, honesty and exceptional customer service.

Accurate sets itself apart from other home service companies because their work is influenced by the community and family.  Accurate values people and their safety so when there’s an issue, we don’t treat jobs or service calls like a standard number or just another file.  Accurate focuses on each case respecting the uniqueness that no home is the same as another. Just like the family culture at Accurate, our technicians believe they have an obligation to make homeowners feel safe and inform them.

Customers Always Come First

We love our customers!

Open and honest communication with customers is the epicenter of what Jeff Seale wanted to provide.  When you invite a technician into your home they should feel as if they are a guest. Our technicians respect the privacy of homeowners and go out of their way to give customers all their options for repairs or issues.  A simple fact about electric, plumbing, and HVAC work is that there are a lot of homeowners that were never trained how to perform the work or know a lot about it. It can seem overwhelming when service companies don’t give you any options and corner you into one solution.  Accurate will take the time to explain the issue and will help you find the best solution that fits your budget and will benefit your home while keeping your family safe.

Accurate continues to carry Jeff’s vision through all the work our professionals perform throughout Southern California.  We know this land and we know what elements can affect your home. We probably live in the same neighborhood you do and that’s why it’s important to us that we give you the kind of service you would get from a good neighbor.  We believe in Jeff’s vision and we value you.